Pocket Knitter Giveaway

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What better way to mark the end of the month, than with an exciting new giveaway?  Starting today, you can enter to win your very own Pocket Knitter courtesy of  AllFreeKnitting.

                                      Enter To Win: Pocket Knitter

pocket Pocket Knitter Giveaway

If you love to knit on the go, but hate lugging around large knitting needles, why not try this handy Pocket Knitter from Bond America, a segment of Caron International?  While traditional knitting can be painful for your joints, loom knitting is great for those suffering with carpal tunnel or arthritis.  The Pocket Knitter, which uses loom knitting techniques, takes convenience to an entire new level.  With just a seven-inch loom and matching stitch lifter, you’ll be able to create tons of accessories no matter where you are.  Enter to win a Pocket Knitter here.


Contest ends February 14, 2013.


What will you make first if you win?


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  1. Sandra Stall says:

    Pocket knitter sounds easy to use

  2. would love to try

  3. Janet Luttrell says:

    New kntting needle I would like to try. Always looking for a new item.

  4. awesome

  5. What a nifty way to knit. If I do not win who sells these. I have arthritis in my right arm an knitting is my thing.

  6. Did not see the? Till I hit the button. I would make a scarf. With a stitch I would like to master.

  7. I would make a scarf.

  8. Gwendolyn Paulson says:

    I would make headbands and scarfs

  9. Robin Johnson says:

    Would love to try this. I am not a knitter but I have always wanted to learn. I am an avid crocheter.

  10. Michele r says:

    My daughter has been asking for a hat so I would try that first! Thanks for the giveaway !

  11. Would love to try it. Looks like lots of fun.

  12. This looks like a tool that would be fun to work with. Thinking making strips and then put them together for a afghan or a shawl

  13. Carolyn Frisby says:

    I would like to tackle long cable strips for an afghan.

  14. Grace Luper says:

    Looks very interesting. Can’t wait to try something new!

  15. I knit but when my joints get sore, I need to take a break. The pocket knitter would be a neat way to work on another project.
    The first thing I would use the pocket knitter for is to make baby socks worked flat and seamed.
    I also teach and one of my newest students tried but physical issues-defeated her; this looks like a technique I could share with her.

  16. I have never seen one of these. How wonderful for us ladies who have arthritis in the fingers. I would love to start with making a scarf for my grand-daughter. God bless.

  17. Danielle Massey says:

    First thing I would do is make a fashion scarf out of some luxury yarn I got for Christmas!

  18. Juretta Carte says:

    Always interested in learning something new.

  19. Margaret Pye says:

    How clever is that,Iv always thought of some way I could fly with my knitting and that would be the answer

  20. Christine Herbert says:

    I don’t know how to knit, but, I hope the pocket knitter is user friendly and I can learn to knit using one! But, first, I have to win it!

  21. Donna Piteau says:

    I would love to knit things that are simple and easy. For instance, I love dish cloths, coasters, scarfs & all the
    things that are not too difficult. I am a senior citizen and most times do not understand the difficult patterns. So
    far, I am not having any luck.

  22. Kathleen Williams says:

    I would make something simple to learn to use the pocket knitter – hope I win one!

  23. Jessie Barker says:

    I have Carpel Tunnel in both wrists and I love to loom knit. If I was to win this the first thing I would make is one of those ruffle scarves with Sashay yarn to sell to help my son earn the money to go to Washington, D.C. with his class in 2014.

  24. Maura Barnes says:

    I would make a hat for my granddaughter. What a nifty tool!

  25. It looks like a great little tool to carry with you so if you get the urge to knit you are ready

  26. June Turner says:

    I am always looking for crochet or knitting projects to take with me to do while my husband is salmon fishing! This looks like “just the ticket”.

  27. Vicki Howes says:

    I have never tried a pocket knitter – so will have to start small. My family will say not another scarf – but it’s not to be!

  28. A scarf till I master the loom.

  29. What will you make first if you win?

    I would make hats for the coats our local knights of Columbus council give to our needy children. This past oct we donated over 200 new coats I made 165 hats using the other type of loom. Would like to try this one IF I win it.

  30. Lois Barreto says:

    This might be a new craft to try, in an easier way.

  31. I want to learn how to loom knit, and if I win this tool, I would start off with the first project in whatever Beginning Knitting book or pamphlet I can find for this tool.

  32. Janet Bothwick says:

    I would try a scarf first, then maybe long strips for a lap-ghan.

  33. yvette simpson says:

    I would make a dog collar or headband with it.. thank u

  34. Toni Rae Rice says:

    I have been so depressed since my arthritis has gotten so painful I can’t even crochet. I’ve lost so much since this arthritis came to visit. This tool looks like it could bring crocheting back. I would love to try

  35. Carole Ann Cook says:

    I crochet every free moment, but would love to try knitting with this neat little doo-dad.

  36. Something new & different!

  37. Susan Kapaun says:

    I would love to try this. I believe it would be great for in the car or waiting for an appointment.

  38. Looks like fun! I would make a blanket with the great yarn I just bought!

  39. How handy, and easy to take with. I would make scarves for my grandsons first.

  40. Susan Kapaun says:

    I would try dish clothes with this first. I can always use more. OR a blanket for a small doll.

  41. I would love to try the neat Pocket Knitter and would love to win. Thanks for the great contests. Cecilia CECE

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