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 Trending Now: Lion Brand Bonbons + Enter to Win!Lion Brand recently introduced an adorable new line of yarn called Bonbons. If you haven’t worked with this new yarn yet, we suggest you head to your local craft store and pick some up today. In fact, we’ve got them all for you to buy at our online craft store, CutRateCrafts; buy some today!

These miniature skeins of yarn are perfect for a wide variety of crafting projects including crochet, knitting, embroidery and amigurumi. Each package includes eight different colors, and there are and a number of different color assortments to choose from including Brights, Pastels, Beach, Nature, Party, Celebrate, and more.

Not only are Lion Brand Bonbons absolutely adorable, but they are super practical too. Why buy an entire skein of yarn if you need just a little bit of each color for a small project? They’re ideal to use for any project that uses a small amount of any color such as amigurumi, embroidery, friendship bracelets, or embellishments.

Read our full review here on AllFreeCrochet and enjoy our video review below. Scroll down for a few free projects that are made using Bonbons yarn, plus enter to win a free package of Lion Brand Bonbons just by leaving a comment below.

Lion Brand Bonbons:

Free Crochet Patterns to Make with Bonbon Yarn:

bonbon pouch th Trending Now: Lion Brand Bonbons + Enter to Win!Bright Bonbons Crochet Pouch: This colorful crochet pattern is made using Bright Bonbon yarn. The size of this cute crochet bag is perfect, and ruffles give it a playful and girly look. Only about half a skein of each color was used to complete this small crocheted bag, so you could easily make two pouches using just one package of Bonbons.


quirky handbag th Trending Now: Lion Brand Bonbons + Enter to Win!Quirky Crochet Handbag: Lion Brand Bonbons yarn is used to create this Quirky Crochet Handbag. This DIY handbag tutorial includes techniques for keeping the shape of the bag intact and for preventing the handles from stretching out. You’ll also find easy-to-follow instructions for lining the bag, as well.




What type of pattern would you make with Lion Brand Bonbons Yarn?



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  1. Can’t wait to try these! They look adorable!!

  2. Nicole Vieu says:

    I think I would make a mini doll blanket for my Niece!

  3. I would make doll clothes.

  4. It would be great to add to a homemade Christmas Stocking.

  5. id make some scarves for my dog :)

  6. I would make newborn hats to donate to a local hospital.

  7. sherri waddell says:

    Would love to win these could make alot of baby things…

  8. Jan Mac Kenzie says:

    I plan on making more small knitting needles out of wooden dowels & Wood Beads for the end of each one, Crochet a small loop out of each color and hang them on the Christmas Tree as decorations with the Knitting Needles sticking out of them. I also have used these as wrapped gift decorations to my crafty friends, instead of a bow. I would love to try the small coin purse using the Crocodile Stitch. I love them just the way they are the most – the color groups are just gorgeous!!!

  9. MARIE O'NEILL says:

    I’d make the little animals for my granddaughters.

  10. I would use the different packages to make jewellery, ornaments and flowers on crocheted items.

  11. Jessica Corrigan says:

    These would be perfect for amiguriumi! If I won a bag of Bon bond, I know some little people who soon be very happy with their new stuffed animals.

  12. Teresa Berry says:

    I would make flowers and colorful booties

  13. Melissa Greene says:

    I would make Christmas ornaments to give as gifts

  14. Not sure what I’d make, but I know I can find plenty of patterns on the Lion Brand website.

  15. I would definetaly make the Quirky Crochet Handbag.!!! Love it.

  16. Brenda B. says:

    I am not sure what I would make with it, but I really like the Quirky Crochet Handbag, so that might be it!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  17. I would make some cute accessories!

  18. Bunnies!

  19. Edith Jerome says:

    I would make some very colorful baby tennis shoes :-)

  20. Anna Gould says:

    I would make Christmas ornaments!

  21. Teresa Knittingdancer says:

    I would knit a striped hat with Bonbon yarn.

  22. Tina McLerran says:

    I am making some earrings from them now! :)

  23. Every year I make up to 40 crocheted teddy bears for charity. Xmas Child shoebox for Curves to send. They’re light & small that fit nicely in shoe boxed to be mailed to little girls.

  24. I would crochet a small purse and “zipped macaroons” for coins!

  25. D Ritchey says:

    The colors look great to make a bowl and fill with crocheted fruits and veggies!! Apples, tomatoes, bananas, eggplant, grapes, oranges, carrots, and celery. Perfect for little ones to play with!!!

  26. Love these bonbons…I saw them at the craft store and bought a few. Can’t wait to start making crocodile stitch items. What a great idea.

  27. Connie Meyer says:

    So much yarn, so little time. Survival bracelets, or striped hat, scarf. The possibilites are endless. Lovely looking yarn = Bonus!

  28. Tammy Lambert says:

    A few baby items.

  29. I think these would make cute amigurumi – especially a set of the same pattern in different colors.

  30. I would use the yarn for my Amigurumi’s I make

  31. susansebesta says:

    I’d make some pads for shelter animals.

  32. so lovely, perfect for my baby crocheted booties

  33. These would be terrific for making potholders, or a set of mug cozies!

  34. Little Flowers!

  35. I would just knit or crochet tons of friendship bracelets!

  36. J Fernandez says:

    Love the colors!

  37. Diane Chicklo says:

    This would be a good accent to add to poncho.

  38. My daughter made the family Christmas ornament using this yarn. They turned out really cute. Now I have to try and make something out of this yarn. Should be fun.

  39. A striped baby toque would be super cute!

  40. I would love to make a cowl for me and a beanie hat for my granddaughter. Fun stuff!

  41. Vivien Soule says:

    These bon-bons come in lovely, lively colors! I think they would be a great addition when making crochet animals of all kinds.

  42. I would make something wonderful for my 1st grandchild :-)

  43. Sonia Sissell says:

    I’d make a baby blanket for my new grandbaby!

  44. Amber Wood says:

    i think I would make some matching Hats and Booties for the children’s hospital. I would also like to use it on some of the cabbage patch hats.

  45. I would love to try these for my beaded crocheted jewelry!

  46. I want to learn to freeform crochet so I would scrumble with bonbons.

  47. Kathy Freda says:

    I would love to make a little purse for my niece and maybe matching mittens/scarf

  48. Emily Reiter says:

    I would make the rainbow fishing game, or a color wheel mat, or a mandala. So many choices!!

  49. I love all yarn. I have not had the chance yet to try lion Brand Bonbons but they look so yummy that I just can’t wait…on my way to the craft store now! Who can’t always use a few more skeins of yarn? Especially with my first grandchild on the way…I’ll be a crocheting fool!

  50. DeeAnne Kimmel says:

    I would make some doll sweaters and hats as well as flower brooches.

  51. Mittens, scarves, booties – anything really. Cute!

  52. Tiny amigurumi for my daughter’s classroom.

  53. I would love to make that little purse.

  54. I would like to try the butterfly barefoot sandals. Those look so adorable!

  55. Cindy Crooks says:

    Lots and lots of beautiful little flowers to put on everything!

  56. I would like to knit little purses or bowls for the rainbow loom bracelets that are decorating my coffee tables!

  57. Robin Johnson says:

    Doll clothes, hats, mittens the choices are endless. I am always making something and I usually like to do small projects, so the Bonbon would be great.

  58. I think I would use these to make my new grandson a toy. I have seen so many cute toys lately that I am going to have to break down and try one.

  59. Diana Leffingwell says:

    I’d make baby items.

  60. I would make a colorful mitred jaket for my little daughter :)

  61. I’d make a spider out of each color and hang them in appropriate places for Halloween!

  62. Linda Gibeault says:

    I’d make some kind of garland for christmas to hang over my kitchen sink. The tiny skeins are perfect for a project like this because There is not a lot of left over yarns so it’s a great way to add some colorful holiday cheer.

  63. I bought some to make flowers to add to a hat. Haven’t tried it out yet, but I’m looking forward to it.

  64. Love these little gems!!

  65. Sherry Trexler says:

    these are great. I would make a purse with them

  66. I will use to make flower appliques or small amis…

  67. Candice Taylor says:

    I would make a cute skinny scarf with the BonBon yarn!

  68. Is make little flowers!

  69. They would make really fun bright baby hats!

  70. make some fingerless gloves for my daughter

  71. I think I would make placemats!

  72. Amber Waldron says:

    I would make baby hats and blankets for local hospitals.

  73. Sallee Crummel Glickler says:

    I’ll probably use them for ami’s or for fingerless gloves

  74. I would LOVE to try this and make a baby blanket with all the different colors

  75. I would make a striped handtowel with this yarn.

  76. I love the color variations in the bonbons. I make small amigurumi projects that these would be great for!

  77. Carol Rodewald Anderson says:

    I plan on making an afghan made of granny squares.. it’ll be mostly off-white with little splats of the bon bon colors in the middle of each square..

  78. I would like to make a rose flower as it would make a great gifts to my sister’s birthday.

  79. I would make a set of toy animals for my grand children.

  80. I love it colorful … I would crochet quite a lot of accessories in candy shaps. cupcakes as jewelry for exemple.

  81. Sheryl Prindle says:

    Teapot Cosy and mug cosies

  82. I love the colors. I want to make a bunch of heart appliques to add to either a doily or wrap. That or maybe flower appliques. Can’t wait to try them out.

  83. Not sure what you mean by Website….perhaps it is Facebook, or Google Chrome or Yahoo.
    I’m computer illiterate.

  84. I’d make a neat scarf for my college aged kid who’ll be moving away in winter! :)

  85. Geneviève says:

    I would love to knit some fingerless glove with those!

  86. Barbara Skoch says:

    I would make colorful roses out of the bon bons yarn . I also would make with it little stuffed animals for my grandchildren can’t wait to try it!

  87. I’d love to see what kind of bracelets I could make with these. Good luck to everyone.

  88. Annette Vise says:

    I’d like to make some little animals for my 2 great-nieces.

  89. Tina Mikhael says:

    Happy Scarf!

  90. Theresa Jones says:

    I havent worked with these yet but i would love to make some fingerless gloves :-) love the colors.

  91. I would make amigurmi

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