Cozy Hats For Cozy Babies

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400X1501 300x112 Cozy Hats For Cozy BabiesAllFreeCrochet has a “tiny” announcement. We are teaming up with Bernat to sponsor a charity drive for the labor and delivery unit at Northwest Community Hospital.


Crocheting and knitting is a great way to put your talent to use, especially when it’s going to someone in need. Every year there are over 3,000 babies born at NCH and each baby goes home with a handmade crochet baby hat or knit hat. Whether the baby is preemie or full term, each baby gets a hat. It’s important to keep baby warm and healthy in their first adventure home! Baby hats are easy to make even for the beginner.

The charity drive will run from February 11 to March 11. Once you have completed your baby hat, you can ship it to the address listed below. You can make one hat or five hats; each hat is extremely appreciated. We will then hand-deliver your hats to Northwest Community Hospital. Before doing so, however, we will randomly select one (1) winner to be the recipient of a fabulous yarn prize package!

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Enter to win this amazing yarn prize package from Bernat by donating a baby hat to AllFreeCrochet’s Cozy Hats for Cozy Babies Hat Drive!


Included in the Prize Package is yarn to make TWO different baby blankets:

bernat baby blanket Cozy Hats For Cozy Babies taupe baby blanket Cozy Hats For Cozy Babies

*Bernat Baby Blanket:

  • 2 Balls Baby Green 03230
  • 3 Balls White 03005
  • 2 Balls Baby Yellow 03615

*Sheep(ish) by Vickie Howell:

  • 3 Balls Taupe(ish) 00011
  • 2 Balls White(ish) 00004
  • 1 ball Turquoise(ish) 00017


Enter to win this amazing yarn prize package, compliments of Bernat, by making a baby hat! Once your hat is complete, simply send it to us and we will take care of the rest!

When making your baby hat please follow these specifications:

  • 3-ply baby yarn or 3 ply sock and sweater yarn MUST be used
  • A size G hook MUST be used (if crocheting a hat)
  • Size 6 or 7 knitting needles MUST be used (if knitting a hat)
  • You can use any colors you wish, but NO yellow please. Yellow gives the appearance of jaundice.
  • Make your hat simple and fit for a newborn. Bows or poms can be included if you wish.
  • Hats must also come from a smoke free home.
  • Optional Knit Pattern
  • Optional Crochet Pattern
  • Baby Hat Patterns on AllFreeCrochet

Please ship your completed baby hats to:

Prime Publishing
AllFreeCrochet Baby Hat Drive
3400 Dundee Rd #220
Northbrook, IL 60062

Please help spread the word about this amazing opportunity to craft a homemade baby hat for those tiny babies to go home in.

Will you be making a baby hat?

If so, leave a comment below and tell us about it!


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  1. Joyce LaPrairie says:

    I have a few made already, simple and fast to make, and helps a cause. Why not!

  2. Jeannie Ferguson says:

    I’ll make at least one! :-)

  3. Like Joyce, I already have some made. And can always make more. Cozy babies make happy babies.

  4. I would love to do this :)

  5. Will be making baby hats!!!

  6. would love to help..i will get on it as soon as i can. :o)

  7. Count me in!

  8. Culleen Mandigo says:

    yes, I will be making a baby hat (or 2 or 3). I’m currently working on some baby projects so doing this is easy.

  9. I will for sure. Love crocheting for charity.

  10. just have to dig yarn out of the

  11. I defiantly will make 1for sure if not more. Glad to help.

  12. Traci Sumner says:

    Yeah – guidance for the next project and I’ve got a lonely skein of mint green that can finally have a purpose! Count me in!

  13. Janice Ball says:

    Count me in!

  14. I wanted to send one of my hand spun alpaca/ angora baby hats but it has to be 3 ply baby yarn? Nothing softer than my yarn….can I send one?

  15. Deborah Cook says:

    I will definitely crochet a hat, probably more than one. I recently bought a bag of baby yarn at Goodwill, what a good use of that yarn

  16. Betty Plemmons says:

    Yes, I would love to help with this. Thank you for letting us know about this!!

  17. Judy Nelson says:

    Definitely will crochet at least one baby hat……love this idea!

  18. Roxanne Cavin says:

    I will definitely be making a few hats, this is such a good cause! Thank you!

  19. Count me in as well. :)

  20. Pat Collins says:

    I am helping my neighbor make hats for the homless for her church. I think I can take time out to make a couple of baby hats. Very worthy cause.

  21. I’m so glad there are so many of you wanting to make hats, this is great!

    As for the materials used, they MUST meet the specifications listed above. 3 ply baby yarn must be used.

    Thanks, and we can’t wait to see the hats!

    Christine, Editorial Community Manager for

  22. kathy moore says:

    I crochet for NEWBORNS in NEED.teh yarn will come in handy. i will be making several

  23. I’ll try one knit & one crochet! It’s a great cause :)

  24. Have a few made and will send them as soon aa possible. Was looking for a charity and this is even better. A chance to win patterns and yarn. Thanks.

  25. Evelyn Overman says:

    I will be more than happy to make a hat for the cause. And to think I might win yarn… GREAT.
    Thank you for supporting this cause.

  26. I will make some hats for this charity. I do already make hats for Jackson here in Miami so a few for you will be fun, and the babies look so cute in them.

  27. Leslie Johnson says:

    Yes, I will be making a hat. A group of co-workers and I did this a few years ago for hospitals in Appalachia. Crochet is so rewarding when you can give it away for such a wonderful cause.

  28. U have a new pattern that u can’t wait to try

  29. Making a baby girl old fashion bonnet. also will make just plain beanies. Super excited…I love donating to causes…hugs and smiles

  30. I will make at least 1 hat! Hopefully more. What a wonderful project; thank you for letting us know aboout it!


  31. Joyce Gilder says:

    I make plenty of baby afghans and I would love to make some baby hats. You can count on me.

  32. denise tribble says:

    I would be happy to help out, I crochet as a way to relax and calm my nerves, especially for a good cause.

  33. Rhodora araneta says:

    I’m in :-))

  34. Would love to help keep the babies warm.

  35. I will crochet as many as possible unfortunatly all i have is girly colors :( will see if i hv some green and blue somewhere for boys as well cant wait to suprise u all with ma luv of making hats for newborn… my child was a preemie child and i had hard time with hats and nw i make hats for near by hospital as well buh i will share some with you as well and i m sure you will love them.. dont forget to visit ma page :!/pages/Evas_Art_Wrks/490326754320748
    on facebook for more exiting things i do :) creativity is ma wrld as well :D

  36. I will do this.Is there a special pattern we need to use or is it our own pattern?please let me know Thank you.

  37. i’m going to make one!

  38. Kimberly Kujawski says:

    Are we allowed to make hats using knifty knitter looms??

  39. On their way!!

  40. That will be a new project

  41. What a good idea :)

  42. I will be making hats to donate to a local hospital down here in Southwestern IL. I know that they have a need also.

  43. Can someone please tell me a brand that is 3 ply baby yarn? I’ve been looking everywhere and all the baby yarn I’ve seen is 8 ply. thanks

  44. I’ve been getting into making hats lately. This will be a great way to improve and share my skills! This is such an amazing idea.

  45. I’d love to do that.

  46. You can count me in!!! Ill make atleast a dozen if not more :) i’ve been looking for something like this!

  47. I would really enjoy doing this. I cro so much and usually give it away, so this is what I want to be involved in.

  48. Already have plans to make baby hats to donate to CVMC in my county so one more for another hospital can’t hurt me. I can help someone’s baby though….

  49. Sherry Wylie says:

    I will be making a least one hat.

  50. Corinne Schade says:

    Sounds like a fun and worthwhile idea.
    Count me in, too.

  51. Yes, I have been looking for somewhere to donate items I make. I love to have something to do. I will send you 1 or more

  52. Yes.. I will, already have some on hand babies need hats… count me in… ruby

  53. Jodie Wingert says:

    I’ll begin one tomorrow. I have some mosiac yarn to work with. Should be fun.

  54. Count me in!! Great way to use up stash.

  55. alma dominguez says:


  56. Estella Whitford says:

    An awesome excuse to take a break and make a few snuggly hats for babies. Count me in :)

  57. I have a couple made already, preemie sized. I can make some larger ones too! Would love to donate them for this wonderful cause!

  58. Joann McBeth says:

    I have limited mobility and like to crochet. This is a great project to help with. Wlll start today.

  59. Love to crochet!

  60. Have the pattern, have the yarn. This will be a free time project!

  61. Pat Hansen says:

    The only baby yarn I can find is in DK weight. I also have some sock yarn (size 1, fingering, but 4 ply). I can’t find anything anymore in only 3 ply. Does anyone else have this problem? What do we do here?

  62. Never made any hats but would like to make it for my great niece!

  63. Jackie Roberts says:

    I have a few made and will get them off. I also will make some more. Love to crochet for babies

  64. cindy storrs says:

    i will get some start

  65. I already make hats to donate to Delaware HeadHuggers, but will certainly make a couple for this cause, since you are offering a prize of yarn I can use to make blankets to donate! Thanks.

  66. Pat – just bought 3ply Loops & Threads
    yarn at Michaels

  67. Kim Sherwood says:

    I love to crochet for my family.I have 5 grown children & so far they have given me 6 beautiful grandchildren & another one on the way.I love making baby hats.

  68. You’ve presented an avenue for me to do two things I love–crocheting and giving! I will donate at least one, but my goal is to do three.

  69. Will be making one for newborn from my stash. Happy to make one.

  70. Darlene Lehman says:

    I will make one, hopefully it comes out alright. Hats are not my usual projects of choice (afghans are!) But, we shall see…

  71. Paula Corman says:

    I would love to share my baby hats to a cause….Thank you for sharing..

  72. Will make at least one. Probably more!!

  73. Joann M. Fournier says:

    I’ll be happy to make some baby hats and send them right out. I’m always making hats and mittens for my grand kids and the homeless in my home area. We all have to do what we can for others. Thank you for the opportunity to help.

    Joann M. Fournier

  74. I will be sending you at least one if not more.

  75. Robin Johnson says:

    Would love to share with someone who will be able to use what I make. Is there any place in Ca. to send to as well?

  76. Elaine benton says:

    I will be happy to help. Have lots of yarn

  77. Carole Colquehoun says:

    I’ll be happy to knit and crochet as many as I can afford to mail. I think all infants need to have hats to keep their little heads warm.

  78. Shannon miller says:

    Never made a hat but am going to try this.

  79. carol grant says:

    Would love to help out. Getting needles out as we speak!

  80. Sali Colburn says:

    Can’t wait to send off some of the cute hats I have been able to do. I am retired and have time to do this and love it.

  81. kathy dale says:

    I will love to make some

  82. Emily Dabio says:

    I have hats made I will send soon. I have some premie hats.

  83. Juanita Wise says:

    keep those babies head safe and warm

  84. bernat Light 3, b/c u said specifically

  85. Nancy Lerohl says:

    Just copied some new baby hat patterns and can’t wait to send you some new little hats. I already crochet for a local NIC unit here in MN and would love to contribute. Count me in :)

  86. (Mrs.) Dale Leonard says:

    I make baby hats for the NICU’s at two hospitals in Tallahassee. I’ll be happy to save a few for this wonderful project.

  87. Mary Baxter says:

    I have made many hats for adult chemo patients so for a change I’m looking forward to making some for the babies.

  88. If you can’t knit or crochet, a couple local Girl S Scouts have a how-to video to make baby hats from t-shirt sleeves. Great for the kids to do.

  89. I will make some. I have always wanted to make something for a charity what better than to make baby hats. Those angels are gifts from Heaven and they deserve the best we can give them.

  90. I have been making baby hats and afghans for babies since 1994 for the local hospital. Can they be made with multi-colors?

  91. Bessie Blair says:

    I will definitely crochet at least one baby hat, but probably several.

  92. I would be honored to make hat for baby’s in need. And I would love to work with this yarn. Thank you for having this contest.


  93. I just saw this message. I will try to make as many as I can from today to the end date. Thank you for the opportunity to contribute.

  94. I just checked the Loops & Threads brand on Ravelry. The only baby yarn is Snuggly Wuggly Baby Sport, which is 8 ply. They do not carry a 3 ply. I did a search, and nothing came up for it. This is proving harder than we thought. It is possible to have 4 ply even in fingering weight yarn. Are you sure this has to be 3 ply, or just baby or fingering or sport weight?

  95. Christine Wilkins says:

    Without a doubt I’ll be making donations!

  96. Baby hats are so cute, and so quick to make. I’ll definitely crochet a few. What a super project.

  97. Rayna Cammack says:

    I’m so excited! Found a huge ball of Bernat baby yarn at the Goodwill yesterday. I was wondering what to do with it! Logged on and saw the contest, I believe this is a sign! LOL!

  98. Jane Byrnes says:

    I belong to a group in Pittsburgh Pa. We have just finished 22 hats to donate to a hospital here, glad to see others are doing the same Thank You

  99. I will make several, I will gladly donate the hats. I don’t care about the price, I just love babies and I think this idea is wonderfull.

  100. Amanda Edgeworth says:

    My son and daughter in-law had their son premature, he was born on December 14 and due in the end of February to the beginning of March, at birth he weighed 2 pounds 3 ounces now weighs 4 pounds 11 ounces. I have been crocheting little for him and other babies at the prenatal ICU in Fresno California. I would love to try your pattern and send some hats their as well.

  101. Goldie Pelton says:

    Definitely will be send a few.

  102. Annie Mangelli says:

    What a wonderful cause. I enjoy making projects for others of all varieties and cant think of better way to share. Consider hats on the way!!

  103. I have been making hats for more than 20 years. Each year I make at least 100 hats for homeless men, women, children and babies. I am going to make some for this organization also. I love doing it and will continue as long as I can. I am 75 year of age.

  104. Debbie Williams says:

    I will absolutely make some. I am happy to help out.

  105. Pearlie Archambault says:

    Is it ok to use the KniftyKnitter loom? If so, I can make a few…

  106. Carole Ann Cook says:


  107. Excellent. I honestly have baby hats that I’ve made just sitting around the house! I love to make them but have no where for them to go. My question is, can I send them even if they are not baby yarn? I have several that are cotton, which is much nicer in the summer months.

  108. Denice Hicks says:

    Still no one can advise what yarn they are using?? I’m in California and I don’t think I’ve ever seen 3ply yarn. Plus it has to be baby yarn. Please advise, I’d love to help out.

  109. paula bartley says:

    I love making new born hats! they will be on there way soon! glad to have a new project.

  110. Cindy Andrews says:

    Hats coming your way!

  111. I’ll make at least one. Hopefully. more.

  112. Jeanne M. Sprague says:

    Would be happy to make a couple of hats for a good cause.

  113. Mathilda Said says:

    Will definitely make some. We are in the beautiful season of lent, prayers, fasting and almsgiving. What a perfect time to help. God bless

  114. kathleen jones says:

    I like to knit baby hats and for a good cause.

  115. I would love too. Always up to help other and spread the warmth of love. I make hats all the time for friends and family. I’m so up for this.

  116. karen childress says:

    I will be making some. And will say a pray for each one as I put them in the box.

  117. I LOVE how enthusiastic everyone is!

    To answer some questions:

    3 ply baby yarn OR 3 ply sock and sweater yarn can be used. Babies are very sensitive which is why they have these specifications.

    Yes, the hats can be loom knitted as long as the size is appropriate for a newborn.

    Thanks and we can’t wait to see what you send in!

    Editorial Community Manager, AllFreeCrochet

  118. Rebecca LaGuardia says:

    I will absolutely make baby hats! What a great way to give!

  119. Diana H. De Vries says:

    I will try one tomorrow and get it out as soon as possible Happ to help.

  120. deborah medley says:

    i wood like to be a part of crochet hat forbaby thank you debby

  121. I will definately b shipping some hats, will they b needed for both preemie n newborns

  122. Pat Hansen says:

    The problem is that very little yarn is 3 ply these days. It is all made differently. Even the name brand baby and thin yarns at DK or fingering yet have 4 to 8 ply yarn. I have checked Ravelry on these, and am ready to tear my hair out. I have sock yarn, but THAT is 4 ply, too! What do we do here?

  123. Carole Salvas says:

    I have been making baby blankets and hats for our local hospital. I would love to make some cozy hats for newborns. So count me in I’ll start ASAP.

  124. Joyce E Spogis says:

    I have been looking for a new charity to do this year and this is the perfect project at the perfect timing for me. You can count on a few from me, maybe more. Love to donate!

  125. I can’ wait to get started. I’ve been wanting to do this for some time now. Now I have a real reason to get started. And I can continue making them now that I have some place to send them.
    Anything for Gods little blessings when they come into the world.

  126. Leanne Crawford says:

    I will be making five hats. I love to support good causes like this. Thank you for letting me have this opportunity to participate.

  127. will do one and try for more

  128. Joyce Duemling says:

    I think this is going to be a great fundraiser! I love babies! I will make some for them as your pattern I printed out looks super easy! ( I hope I can find 3-ply yarn) I will look for some tomarrow with all the people that responded I think it’s going to be alot of hats coming your way. Crochet mom

  129. Curious, what MUST is only be 3ply? and what yarn is 3 ply? Am I just lost or would any baby weight work fine? I want to join but, I don’t have 3 ply

  130. Hi Christine,
    I love making items for babies, so I will forward a bunch of caps to you. In addition, I will send the information to the members of my group Sisters Interacting Through Stitches, and collect their caps when we meet on 2/23/13.

  131. Kandy Rose says:

    I will be happy to make some hats for the new born babies. It’s one way i can give back. Thank you for the opportunity
    to help.

  132. Maureen Dreckman says:

    Count me in for some baby hats. Will do as many as have time for.

  133. Love to make hats. No hardship.
    A labor of love

  134. Have been making hats and blankets for are local hospital’s neonatal unit. Would love to send you a few hats too.

  135. SARA PUCINO says:

    What a great project; will share with our knitters group!

  136. Jo Ann Zavala says:

    I found a baby yarn and made 1 hat but my goal will be 1 hat for every day. I will do my best. thank you

  137. I’m going to try my best to get some hats made

  138. Jaitee Spencer-Partlow says:

    I already have some made up. I will be sending them out as soon as possible.

  139. i have made some baby hats and happy to send them, thank you!

  140. Mary Hildebrand says:

    I will be glad to make some baby hats.
    It is my first time making them and today is a good day to start!

  141. Count me in. Will be sending soon.

  142. Michelle Lester says:

    I found Bernat Baby Yarn in 3 ply at my local WalMart, very inexpensive. It is the only 3 ply I have found and it is by Bernat!!! Since they are sponsoring, this makes sense. I have 4 hats made so far from the skein.

  143. Sending my hats your way!

  144. Love helping a good cause

  145. Denice Hicks says:

    Hi Michelle, was the yarn called Bernat Baby Sparkle? Per the email I received from Bernat, the only baby yarn that they carry that is 3ply is the Bernat Baby sparkle and I’ve never seen this at my local Walmart.

  146. Pat Hansen says:

    I checked Ravelry. The new baby yarn by Bernat is actually 4 ply fingering. You know, the way yarn is spun now, this type should be comparable to the old 3 ply. Maybe someone should check this out?

  147. Hey, I work at Rainbow Home and we have recently started a knitting klub. I am beginning teaching the Klub members how to use the knitting looms. I understand this is not part of the requirements however we are looking for places to donate the hats we are making. Rainbow Homes is non-profit supported living for adults with cognitive disAbalities.

  148. Rayna Cammack says:

    I also found Bernat 3ply baby yarn at my local Wal-mart. They had white and a pastel multi-colored yarn. I believe it was 6.98 for a big skein.:)

  149. Michelle Lester says:

    The first skein I bought is called Bernat Softee Baby, and I got another tonight that is Bernat Baby Sport. Both are 3 ply, the first is softer.

  150. Pat Hansen says:

    There is a difference between the number of plies in the yarn (how many strands spun together) and the weight classification. The US has always gone by the weight classification. Where 4 represents worsted weight, 3 represents light worsted or DK, 2 represents sport or fine, 1 as superfine (sock), and 0 as lace weight. I am more and more of the opinion now that it is the WEIGHT of the yarn the hospital is considered about; 3 being just the right one for baby. Even Bernat has their baby yarns at this weight. This is probably what the hospital means, and what most type of yarn the donations will be made of.

  151. The specifications do not make sense.

    3-ply yarn is an old term for light weight baby yarn that would typically be knitted on size 0-3 needles.

    3 ply as a spinning term (number of plies in the construction of the yarn) is unclear – few manufactured yarns are constructed of three plies.

    Size 6 or 7 needles are too large for fingering yarn, and again, over specific. Perhaps a “knitted gauge of x stitches per inch” might be clearer.

    The combination of 3-ply yarn and size 6 or 7 needles would only make sense for lace shawls, not baby hats.

  152. I have a charity that I started about 6 years ago. I teach others to loom knit and crochet. We make hats and toys and I deliver them to Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus Ohio.
    I will opt out of this one as I make and give all of mine to NCH.

  153. I will make as many as I can. I was making hats for the homeless in my city but will make these baby hats for the next week. Then go back to homeless hats thanks for doing this for the babies.

  154. Would absolutely love to!!!! Looking forward to it.

  155. Ina Reichel says:

    The specifications make no sense at all. If yarn is soft or not depends on a lot of things, least of all on they number of plies or the thickness. Fiber content would be much more important.

    Also it’s not really specified if 3-ply is meant as in thickness (which is a thin fingering weight) or as number of plies in the yarn.

    Requiring a specific hook or needle size makes no sense either. How are you going to check? Also, different people achieve different gauge using the same needle. A specific gauge might make more sense.

    Lastly the combination of a 3-ply (as in weight) yarn on size 6 or 7 needles for most knitters will result in netting, not in a fabric suitable for a hat.

  156. Denice Hicks says:

    I have to agree with Pat. I think the “3” is weight classification for the yarn, not how many plies. And size 3 would be perfect for baby hats. I’ve read comments that people are using Bernat yarns to make their hats but based on the email that I received from Bernat, the only yarn that they sell that is “3 ply” is Bernat Baby Sparkle yarn. No others. Since there is so much confusion on the type of yarn we can use on this sadly, I will opt out of this charity drive. If anyone knows of others, please let me know. I would love to donate my crocheting and knitting items for good causes. My email address is Thank you.

  157. Terry McCarthy says:

    Yes!!! I have hats and did not have any place to send them

  158. knittingdancer on Ravelry says:

    I got my yarn ready and will cast on tonight.

  159. Gladys Lopez says:

    Hello,yes i would like to be add if i can, i have two hats made,i will send them in soon as i can.Iwould love to do this.

    Gladys Lopez

  160. I’ve never tried to crochet little hats but I have 3 granddaughters who can’t see me idle.

  161. I have started on my first hat and hope to crochet several within the month. Love crocheting for charity.

  162. Alice Keeton says:

    Would love to make some baby hats for the charity!

  163. I’ve been crocheting baby hats for the neo-natal unit at local hospital for around 9 yrs. Will be sending at least 2 for this very worthy cause.

  164. I will send one to help out. I know how hard it is to keep baby hat available in the hospitals. I am making them for the babies in Marshell, MI my daughter is an nurse there and they are always running out. More than willing to help and the extra yarn would be nice in making more for the hospital if I were lucky enough to win.

  165. Betty Plemmons says:

    Mailed my package today. You should receive them on Tuesday. What an honor it is to be able to help with this project. God Bless!!

  166. Working on one now. As to discussions about yarn weight — In my yarn stash I found a Caron Sports Weight yarn that says 3-ply on the label. Its from nearly 25 years ago! Although the weight is right, it is made of Orlon acrylic — not the softest texture. Wouldn’t want to put it on an infant’s head. Hope the specifications will be clarified. These seem out of date.

  167. I made the crochet pattern listed in a 3-ply lime green baby yarn using a G hook. Sending it out today.

  168. Paula Monroe says:

    Love making baby hats!

  169. Never made hats before but going to try and get a few done!!

  170. Is this just for now or do you have this going on all along? Hope I can do one to send in time. Can’t crochet as fast as I use to, but will try.

  171. Yes, I will be making baby hats!!

  172. yes, i will be making baby hats.

  173. I will be glad to make at least one hat. I have been looking for a way to pay it forward when someone kind made a hat which was placed on our little ones head. He was born premature and unfortunately did not make it. This grandma was broken hearted but the little hat made him looked just like a little angel,

  174. Shirley Berntson says:

    I have lots of baby yarn left from making multicolored items for grandchildren. Will make as many as I can in the time left.

  175. I have several small hats done already but they are 4 ply so I guess Ill keep looking for someone who wants them. Ill see if I can pick up some 3ply tomorrow and do one or two for you.

  176. I’ll get one started tonight or tomorrow!

  177. Michelle Lester says:

    Both of the Bernat baby yarns I got are 3 strands/plys and rated a ‘3’ class. I unraveled the end to make sure before I bought them. They work up to perfect sized hats with a G hook. I’ve made several now. The Softee Baby is by far the softer of the two yarns but is is slippery and the threads separate around the hook making the going slower. I’m having fun.

  178. Will be sending you some hats this week!

  179. 100% YES! I’ll get busy tonight!

  180. Linda Bartlett says:

    Making hats now…This is exciting…

  181. Count me in.

  182. Judy Felvus says:

    See what I can do

  183. Stace Walker says:

    If I can find some 3-ply yarn in my stash, then definitely!!

  184. 3 ply is the number 3 on the label, right?

  185. MARY MEACHUM says:

    I’ve got 6 done so far and will be sending them off in the next day or two.

  186. Michelle Lester says:

    I have a question…..Is it one entry per hat, per envelope or per person?

  187. I will make some hats. Thank you for the chance to win also.
    Cleary K.

  188. I will be honored to help.

  189. carol williams says:

    I already make hats for Northwest Hospital, is this the same one in Seattle

  190. OK, I will give it a try. I think I have the correct yarn.

  191. I will make a few.

  192. Elizabeth Rogers says:

    I will start with one hat and see how it turns out.

  193. Barb Scoggins says:

    Three done so far, hope to do three more!

  194. I have made baby items & donated them to the hosptal where my duaghter was born.I will gladly make some infant hats for this cause.

  195. martha Eise says:

    Starting to crochet one right now!!

  196. Ellen Scott says:

    I have already started the hat but the yarn is 100% cotton 4ply I Love This Yarn. Would this be acceptable?

  197. Can you use verigated yarn with yellow in it?

  198. I too have a number already made and would love to send them. If you do a bootie one as well, just let me know, I have probably 30 pairs of them too.

  199. martha stewart says:

    I love to make hats and for a little bundle of joy that would be a pleasure. Count me in.

  200. sharon mello says:

    Already have some made! Will be sending them!

  201. Frances Eileen says:

    Bless You all! Count me in. :)

  202. Marianne Janet Walton says:


  203. Hello all,
    I re-blogged this on my blog: and have had several views in the past few days. I have committed to a minimum of 10 hats.

    Come on over and see whats going on!
    Ta Ta for now, Cathy the Bagg Lady

  204. Zoie watwood says:

    Dne! Made five!

  205. I have 4 hats done and working on another!! I love making hats for babies!

  206. I just finished a huge crochet donation project for the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation at Pine Ridge S.D.
    I made about 75 crocheted hats and/or scarfs for babies to adult. They have 400 + kids in the Foster Care Program. I tossed in a few afghans too. So, now I’m in that crafter phase (done with that, what next)
    I will be sending one girl and one boy hat.

  207. Evelyn San Diego says:

    Please count me in. I have one made, ready to mail. Will be doing more. Thanks!!

  208. Marja-Leena Nieminen says:

    I will make 6 baby hats .

  209. I will make 6 baby hats.

  210. I will make a hat maybe more, i have healthissues so depends on that factor on more but I will do at least one where do I send it?

  211. SO far I have made 9 to send, working on more and will send them out in a few days.

  212. When is the next charity drive?

  213. I am in!!! Really excited to contribute to the cause :)

  214. Mary Gokey says:

    Just finished a hat for baby. It will be in the mail on Monday.

  215. I am sending two tomorrow, thanks it was fun doing them today and I enjoyed the thought that some little person will find comfort in them.

  216. Bobbie Davis says:

    Starting on one today.

  217. Granny Molly says:

    Shipping 2 today, hoping for safe delivery. Will you still accept hats after the 11th of March?

  218. Anabel Ortega says:

    Need to check my yarns but yes I will make at least 2 and I will try to get my friend and daughter involved as well.

  219. Anna Morgan says:

    I would love to make some hats. I will start tomorrow.

  220. Laurie Robertson says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes! I am starting tonight!

  221. Doris Shultz says:

    I have one made already that was from left over yarn from making a baby bunting. Will make a few more with other left over yarn. Great cause. Will they keep taking hats even after the March date?

  222. Helen McGuire says:

    So excited about knitting these baby hats. It has been a long winter with not much to do.

  223. I’ll make at least one.

  224. Sending several in, no doubt. Starting on the way home (on the bus).

  225. Will be making a few in the same yarn I used for a hat for my daughter (who is now 2 months). :-)

  226. Eight hats to be mailed in the next day or so! :)

  227. Love making baby hats easy to do and will do anything for charity. Have some hats made will be sending them shortly.

  228. I wish I would have known about this earlier than two days ago. I’ve got one hat made, another started and hope to get at least a few more done before the March 11 deadline. I’m glad to help out!

  229. It would be a pleasure to make some hast for the babies

  230. I would love to crochet some baby hats

  231. Inell Kellum says:

    I would love to crochet some baby hats

  232. Nancy Lee Shipley says:

    This is a wonderful cause and I would be honored to make a couple baby hats. Thanks for the opportunity.

  233. To: Christine, Editorial Community Manager, AllFreeCrochet
    With all the replies committed to making hats, what will you do with all of them? One place surely can’t use them all. I made scarves for the Special Olympics. Those folks discontinued the project because they had left-overs from the past three years taking up warehouse space. Why didn’t they give to homeless shelters, etc? They would never reply. What will you do if inundated with baby caps? I think it is a great project and would love to participate, but have reservations.

  234. Hi Carlee,

    We’re so excited so many people are willing to make baby hats. With that said, the hospital delivers over 3,000 babies a year and we have received nowhere near that number. I am not concerned about getting too many baby hats. Our drive goes until March 11 and we will wait a week for the remaining hats to arrive. After that, you’re more than welcome to send them directly to the hospital as they are very grateful.

    If you want to make a baby hat (and this goes for everyone), the hat MUST use a soft baby yarn as babies are very sensitive.

    Thanks so much,

    Christine, Editorial Community Manager for

  235. Hi Christine, Editorial Community Manager, AllFreeCrochet,
    I read the knitting pattern and I think it could be improved a bit. For example, how many stitches to the inch are you looking for to get a hat that measures what circumference? Not everyone knows what circumference a baby hat should be. Also, a description of how to seam a hat would be helpful for beginners. Additional optional instructions on how to make pom poms and how to attach might be good as well. And finally a picture and/or diagram would do wonders. Just want to make sure you get the best hats from the most people possible! Thanks for organizing something local to Chicago; my stitching group is always looking for charitable projects.

  236. Mary Gokey says:

    Just put 2 hats in the mail. Hope they help.


  237. Marlene says:

    My Mom & I made 20+ hats for the premmies @ Madison Hospital….I believe this will become a tradition

  238. Fran Feidner says:

    I’lll gladly help out. I’ve been crocheting for charities for years to my local hospital. Baby items especially.

  239. Doris Shultz says:

    Have 4 hats, all different sizes, completed. Will get them off this weekend. Will this address accept hats after 3/11?

  240. Sharman B says:

    Made a few hats. Will be sending them off tomorrow. This is a wonderful thing you are doing. I’m sure the parents are very pleased to receive these hats.

  241. I got so excited when I saw the website doing such a worthwhile project. I am on disability & am trying to keep busy on my good days with meaniful projects. I will be mailing out at least
    5 hats tomorrow. I would like to try to get a few more done to add to the shipment. If there
    are any other items hospitals need for babies, or any age I would be glad to help as much as I can. Years ago I worked in a Daycare, it was the best job of my life…..these precious lives gave me so many great days!
    March 5,2013

  242. I’ve made 3 hats. will get them in the mail today! Thanks for the opportunaty

  243. Vickie T. says:

    is it ok that i use 4ply 100% acrylic, Carson Simply Soft yarn or Red Heart 4 ply worsted yarn? Cause I recently interested in knitting baby hat for donation, but didn’t know much about which yarns to use.

  244. Frances C says:

    Hi Christine,

    I completed 25 hats, collected one from a friend, and today I mailed them to the listed address. Now, I can return to making lap blankets for oncology patients and vets.

  245. linda may says:

    I will make a hat and send it in.

  246. Elma Senior Center,Elma WA says:

    The seniors at the Elma Senior Center
    have been working hard on their Tuesday
    Craft Night to make as many baby hats
    as they can. We will miss the deadline because
    we don’t meet again until next Tuesday but will
    send them anyway, hope you can wait to distribute
    them with the rest of those sent in. We will be shipping
    them on Wednesday.

  247. Have completed several caps and will be mailing tomorrow. Such a great opportunity to share my God given talent of knitting and crocheting..Thanks for providing this venue.

  248. Cassie Kidd says:

    Hi can the hats be postmarked by the 11th or do u have to receive them by then? Thank u

  249. Sandy Rhodes says:

    I am sending one off to you today Sorry I did not know sooner. If you do this again Please let me know. Have a great day & thanks for what you do.

  250. Noreen Monroe says:

    Sending out several hats today. Hope you can use them.

  251. Vicki Rians says:

    I think this is a wonderful idea and it is so simple so why not? I pray for all these babies.

  252. 10 + hats are on the way…it has been a productive winter! I am blessed to have the chance to share my gift with these little angels!

  253. I have 12 baby hats to donate for your cause. We are all excited but didn’t make as many as I wanted to. Could you please em me the next time so that I can have enough time to make as many as I set my goal for. I got my friend and daughter involve and my daughter even learn how to use the knitting loom just for this event. I will be mailing them out to you today because I didn’t have the address and your website was out all weekend.

  254. I finished my 10th infant cap last night; will be mailing them today. It looks like you had a fantastic response on this!

  255. Vickie T. says:

    does it have to be 3ply yarn? I have 4ply worsted yarns only. By the way, please let me know if you have something like this again. I would love to do for charity but now it is too late to send hats in.

  256. Penny Powell says:

    I am expecting my 1st grand daughter in June so I would knit her a blanket!

  257. ELAINE T (ET CROCHETS) says:

    I mailed 15 baby caps today that are expected to arrive on Friday. This was a fun project to work on. I usually don’t work with sport weight yarn but was able to find some Bernat Softee Baby yarn on sale in 3 different colors – soft lilac, pink marl and prince pebbles (a white, lime, gray and aqua ombre). I needed to modify the pattern that I used so the caps would be the correct size for a preemie or newborn baby. After I made the adjustments to the pattern, it was no problem working up 5 caps in each of the 3 yarn colors that I purchased. I received a lot of compliments from friends when I showed them the completed caps. I am sure the people who receive them will appreciate the hand made needle crafts.


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