Celebrate I Love Yarn Day!

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If you have a closet full of unfinished projects, half used skeins of yarn and all kinds of hooks and needles then you’re going to love celebrating I Love Yarn Day with us. I Love Yarn Day is on October 11, but we’ll be celebrating all week long! Whether you knit or crochet you have one thing in common – your love of yarn.

ILYD Square Celebrate I Love Yarn Day!

To celebrate our love of yarn we’re going to be providing you with a new pattern every day this week through October 12. Not only do you get to see a new pattern or learn a new technique, but if you show off your work just by posting ONE photo below, you’ll be automatically entered to win a HUGE prize package! Now is the time to show us just how much you love it. We want you to show us your stash! That’s right, we want you to show off your finished projects, your WIP’s, your yarn stash or even your yarn room. Whatever it may be, we want you to show it off right here.  What’s included in this prize package you ask? Well…

ILYD prize Celebrate I Love Yarn Day!

  • 3 skeins Naturally Caron Joy! yarn
  • Kreinik Metallic Thread Color Samples
  • 1 skein With Love Red Heart yarn
  • 1 skein Wool-Ease Lion Brand yarn
  • 2 skeins Martha Stewart Crafts yarn
  • 2 skeins Lux Adventure Darn Good Yarn yarn
  • 2 skeins Silk Chiffon Ribbon Darn Good Yarn yarn
  • 1 skein Diamond Feza yarn
  • 1 skein Chanel Feza yarn
  • 3 skeins Naturally Caron Spa yarn
  • 2 skeins Prism yarn
  • 5 piece knit clips
  • Red Heart tape measure
  • Crochet Master Class book
  • Crochet Embellishments book
  • Red Heart Tote Bag

All we’re asking you to do is celebrate I Love Yarn Day with us. Share this post with your friends and family and have them show off their work, too. Let’s see how many fun and beautiful projects all you yarn lovers have made.

How to Enter:

Add your link to this post by clicking on “Add your link” at the bottom of the screen and following the instructions. The Link List will close at 11:59 PM CST on October 12, at which point no new links can be entered. Enter your favorite crochet pattern or knit pattern, below! You do not need a blog, site, or URL to enter. Just enter your name and email address then click next to upload a photo of your fabulous project.

What are the rules for entering for this awesome prize pack? Well…

Contest Rules:

  • Only one photo per person.
  • Open to anyone 18+ in the US or Canada. Void in Puerto Rico, the Province of Quebec and where prohibited.
  • Contest ends October 12, 2013 11:59pm EST.
  • Winner will be chosen at random.
  • Baskets are not included in prize pack.

Want to see what others are talking about? Feel free to join the conversation:

Twitter: #ILoveYarnDay

Facebook: @ILoveYarnDay

Check back on the blog every day from now until October 12 for a new pattern, tip or tutorial.

How will you help us celebrate I Love Yarn Day?


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  • wp socializer sprite mask 16px Celebrate I Love Yarn Day!
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  • wp socializer sprite mask 16px Celebrate I Love Yarn Day!
  • wp socializer sprite mask 16px Celebrate I Love Yarn Day!
  • wp socializer sprite mask 16px Celebrate I Love Yarn Day!
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  1. MaryAnn Byrne says:

    I am celebrating I Love Yarn day by starting two after school knitting/crochet clubs. One I had running last year, the other is brand new. I just love teaching young people how to knit and crochet.

  2. Susan Winnie says:

    I have dil who just finished pumpkin baby hats that I would give this prize too. I can’t do pictures,

  3. Shirley Conley says:

    One of my all time favorites is the knitted Feathery Fan afghan pattern I have made several of them for gifts and they love them

  4. Marilyn Prince says:

    I’ll celebrate I Love Yarn Day by crocheting an afghan that I am currently working on.

  5. Patty Boyer says:

    I’ll celebrate by continuing to learn Tunisian crochet, and by stitching on a dishcloth I started.

  6. Awesome website

  7. I’ll celebrate I Love Yarn Day with you. I have been having fun knitting scarves and slouchy hats.

  8. My favorite pattern to crochet is the pineapple pattern. I am making pink scarves with individual pineapples joined top to bottom for women in my area who have/or have had beast cancer. So far in 2 years i have made over 100. I do not have a webcam or other means of uploading photos or I would. should i be lucky enough to win this prize I will feel honored!

  9. Mary Meachum says:

    I made this fantastic afghan several years ago and it is still my favorite of the many I have made over the years. Right now I am working on the Faeries-Sampler Baby Afghan by Elizabeth Moreno. It is a wonderful explosion of color and design.

  10. Mary Meachum says:

    I made this beautiful afghan several years ago and it is still my favorite of the many afghans I have made over the years. It is the Quilt Motif Crochet Afghan (Item #1255A) from Lion Brand Yarn. Right now I am working on the Faeries-Sampler Baby Afghan (by Elizabeth Moreno, (c) Bizzy Crochet 2012). It is a wonderful explosion of color and design. I am looking forward to finishing it to give to a new mother for her new baby.

  11. I love yarn and have been crocheting since I was 5 years old! This afghan is turns out gorgeous!

  12. Elizabeth Busch says:

    Yarn is the best for crocheting afghans, I am going to start my granddaughter on her for time to crochet a chain just like my mother did at the same age of 6.

  13. Linda Dennis says:

    I’ll Celebrate I Love Yarn. I have crochet six hat for winter for my grand children. I have also crochet them mittens. I Love Yarn,

  14. I have many different “favorite” patterns and it was hard to choose just one, so I settled on the pattern that I have made the most often. I have made 30 or more, most often as gifts for new babies, and some for lapghans. I started crocheting when I was 7, taught by my grandmother. At the age of 28 I taught myself to knit.

  15. Linda Mouat says:

    My favorite pattern right now is from this blog: http://crochet-mania-grannysquare.blogspot.com/2008/09/half-granny-square-motif.html I used it to make a shawl for a gift, and just added some shells around the edge for a more feminine look. Hope this link to a picture works! :-) https://twitter.com/chanchiluv/status/386934887388688385/photo/1 Cheers!

  16. Marilyn Forsyth says:

    I am now knitting Christmas gifts for friends to start with. I am now doing cowls and fingerless gloves for four ladies that I have been to Bible Study with. I will Celebrate I Love Yarn with you guys.

  17. Gwen Druckrey says:

    I posted a picture of a blanket I made for my son. Last year I made 16 blankets for my adult kids and had a bunch of skein ends, so I used a Tunisian stitch and made this blanket out of all the left overs.

  18. Micki Ireland says:

    These Christmas Stockings were made for my son and his fiance. I will celebrate “I Love Yarn” by making more baby blankets and booties.

  19. I am working on my Christmas list, which includes, shark hats, dolls, gloves, dolly blankets, and many other things. I will celebrate I love Yarn Day with you also.

  20. Love yarn, knitting and crochet. I don’t see where or how to post a picture.

  21. Amy Kulesza says:

    I have pictures if projects and my yarn stash room, but no blog to link. How can I upload to enter this???

  22. Sue Kayser says:

    Not sure how to load a pic for the contest.

  23. Linda Soroka says:

    I have to be at the hospital on Oct. 11 for an iron infusion. Perfect time to celebrate I Love Yarn Day. I’ll bring my knitting with me, ask them to put the iv in a location where I can still use my hands. :)

  24. Andrea Quintero says:

    One of my all time favorites is the corner to corner pattern. Love to make it and is super easy. It makes blankets so warm and cozy.

  25. Rosalie Wright says:

    Crochet and rock on! Whoo hoo!

  26. Theresa Aldridge says:

    I drive a school bus but in between hours I sit in my car and crochet. Working on an afghan and Barbie doll dress.

  27. I do not have a “blog post link” but have lots of photos of my finished projects. Could you find an alternative way to enter photos for your contest? Much appreciated! My favorite crochet projects right now are hats for babies and toddlers! I have over 200 posts on Pinterest!

  28. Sharon Owen says:

    I’ll be crocheting bears and dolls for Xmas donations. I love yarn everyday.

  29. Been working on some scarf sets and sweaters. I don’t have a blog so I can’t post pics.

  30. Deirdre Underwood says:

    So many beautiful projects, I enjoyed looking at them all! Good luck to everyone. I’m celebrating yarn every day with numerous WIP’s. Knitting, crocheting, spinning to my heart’s content. :)

  31. Sadie Perez says:

    I am new to crochet. I have been crocheting now for about five months and I can’t get enough! :-) I find websites like these very encouraging since I am teaching myself how to crochet and have no one to ask when I don’t understand a pattern. I love the photos shown here. they are a great inspiration. I decided to crochet scarves for a local women and children home less shelter . I’m 12 down! would love to post pics but don’t know how. wish me luck! :-)

  32. Theresa Smith says:

    I will be finishing the ripple afghan from a pattern my grandmother gave me 40 years ago.

  33. Lori J. Thorne says:

    I’m celebrating I Love Yarn Day by working on another slouchy beanie for my daughter! She really loves to wear them in all sorts of colors! :-)

  34. Roxie Lewis says:

    I’m almost done crocheting a Red Heart > Rose Parfait scarf in which I am going to ” pay-it-forward ” as a gift giveaway. It’s also Breast Cancer Awareness month – so that will be a nifty item for someone to give to a friend, raffle it off, wear in memory of, etc … That’s how I will celebrate ” I Love Yarn Day ” ….. not only today – but, on numerous days!

  35. wondering if any one knows of any place that donates yarn or other craft suppys or anyone who has left overs they dont want salvtion army in ogden does lap blankets and other crafts for nursing homes we rely on donations we are all low income and our thirft store has gotten none as of lately if so the addresse is on the interet send att deann thanks

  36. Pat Oosten says:

    It is so much fun seeing all the beautiful articles shared especially the photos.
    Love the sharing ;)

  37. I just made one bunny buddy blanket and 4 more to make and 5 bibs all have to be done for Christmas

  38. Amanda Best says:

    I love to knit and am learning to crochet. My favorite things to make are hats and shawls.

  39. On I Love Yarn Day, I’ll be knitting socks to help fight the cold, harsh winter we’re supposed to get.

  40. I seem to have too many friends diagnosed with cancer lately. This hat has been a hit with each of them and provides lots of nice conversations when people compliment them on the caps.

  41. i’ll celebrate by continuing to knit, crochet and learn!

  42. Andrea Craig says:

    I have enjoyed rediscovering the love of knitting this year. Taught myself as a teenager and did a few things over the year. Someone donated a huge amount of yarn to the church and I have spent the year making things for charity……learning all sorts of new stitches and techniques.

  43. Michelle McCrillis says:

    I celebrate “I Love Yarn Day” every day when I knit, crochet or spin. I’m working on socks and a sweater at the moment.

  44. Neva Beaver says:

    Sorry about the pic. My camera is broken and I don’t have any recent pics of my work. I’ll try again to find one of them.

  45. Cathy Durbin says:

    I’ll be celebrating “I Love Yarn Day” by finishing up my first attempt at a complex cable scarf I’ve been working on. I love to learn new techniques and trying out new yarns and textures. I love it when they all come together in a very unique way.

  46. I’m from Europe, but I’m going to follow the event and will be celebrating “I ♥ Yarn Day” by finishing two kokeshis I started a long time ago.

  47. I am celebrating “I Love Yarn Day” by working on an Entrelac wrap for a Christmas present for my Mom! Among other UFO`s. LOL I am going to try some little Christmas stocking, tree decorations.

  48. Neva Beaver says:

    OK, it was the right one this time. #86, Chris Godwin, I LOVE it. One of the cutest dolls I’ve ever seen.

  49. OH! OH! Oh! ME,ME,ME!! I’d die without yarn!!!

  50. Karen York says:

    I learned to crochet from my left-handed mother-in-law, who only has the use of her left arm/hand. I sat across from her, and what she did with her left hand, I did wih my right, a mirror image sort of thing. She started me off with knitting, then crochet, to be honest, fourty-two years ago. I’ve donated quite a few baby blankets to several local charities, including Balboa Naval & Children’s Hospitals. I’m working on scarves, shawls and baby blankets for holiday time, and will celebrate yarn day/week doing this.

  51. I like making hats as they are simple, easy to take on the bus and then donate them to our local domestic violence shelter…shawls work also…have too many wip’s:) I love yarn every day!

  52. I Love Yarn Day is every day at my house!! I knit most every day of every week and have many projects going at present, AG doll clothes, Minion Hat, Sweater, Fingerless Mitts and just finished a skirt with Sashay Yarn!

  53. Sandi Schultz says:

    I have been in knitting mode for the past few weeks as I get ready for the holidays by knitting up some gifts for family. I will be spending I Love Yarn Day finishing up some projects that have been neglected. =)

  54. Jan Duncan Stenberg says:

    To celebrate I Love Yarn Day, I’ll finish my WIP — a spiral scarf for my daughter.

  55. I will celebrate “I Love Yarn Day” by working on my ripple wave afghan or my corner to corner baby blanket. I wouild love to win this prize…Not sure how to upload pics or I would send on showing works in progress and some finished projects too.

  56. Knitting my first sweater :o

  57. melissa mishoe says:

    will not let me load photo

  58. Jenny Mault says:

    I will be working on chemo beanies!

  59. I will be working on chemo beanies.

  60. Jeulia Hendrick says:

    I will celebrate “I Love Yarn Day” Oct 11 and any day I can. I don’t have a blog to upload pics to but I have just finished a lapghan and a scarf for our shawl ministry, a baby blanket for a neighbor, and in process of completing an afghan. Need to make a hat and socks next. Would love to win the yarn so I could make more lapghans and scarves. Thanks

  61. I’m in the middle of making baby items as well as working on a TML hockey afghan… so every spare moment i have i am knitting/crocheting. I just finished the santa hat and some socks, as well as an afghan for a christmas present… the projects just never end :-)

  62. I will celebrate I love yarn day by crocheting Christmas gifts of doilies, hats and scarfs for my sisters. I will knit washcloths for my friends.

  63. sandra dodgson says:

    I’ll celebrate I Love Yarn Day by starting a new project. There are so many I want to try but I’ll pick one…maybe something for Christmas.

  64. Judy Marie says:

    Ugh! Uploaded a photo but it is upside down. Anyhow, I’m knitting a Christmas stocking for my new grand bay and then stockings for his mom and dad!

  65. Margaret Cleland says:

    I am a true Yarnholic. I can’t get enough, always searching for new colors, new patterns, new types, what can I do with it love to try to be different from the norm. Never enough time in a day, why do we have to sleep when we can be constructing with yarn?

  66. Adriana Flores says:

    I just started crocheting and LOVE IT!

  67. Just began crocheting this year, after 30 years of quilting, and I loved it so much, a friend and I started an internet business with our hobby!

  68. Marsha Gaillard says:

    I made myself an agreement not to buy any new yarn til I’ve finished ALL the yarn I currently have. Thankfully a new first granddaughter helped use up alot with blankets, booties, headbands and dresses. Still having yarn left over, I had that much, I just found out a wonderful Sister at church is expecting their first little girl so I’m back to making more of my favorite crochet patterns and trying a few new ones.

  69. Marybeth P. says:

    I have been knitting for 48 years and crocheting for 27. i knit or crochet 12 to 16 hours a day, every day. It’s my passion in life.

  70. Pamela Emerson says:

    I love to knit and crochet. I would like to try to knit sweater next.

  71. Celebrating crochet by making a new fall infinity scarf

  72. I Love to crochet and want to try knitting again sometime. I have just finished crocheting baby items for a friend, in the process of crocheting an appliqued princess throw for my granddaughter and have lots more to work on after that. ;)

  73. H. DArling says:

    I celebrate “I Love Yarn Day” every day! Above is the NY Giants blanket that I made to fit our queen size bed. My current project is a blanket for our new grandson who is due in January! I feel totally lost without a hook and yarn in my hands. Went through withdrawals once when I ran out of yarn!!!! THAT will NEVER happen again!

  74. Pam Wells says:

    Love to crochet! (I accidentally uploaded my photo 3X – sorry about that. Not sure how that happened. Please delete 2 of them. Thanks! :)
    For years I did very basic simple afghans and I am now (in my 50’s) learning new things. Having fun experimenting and trying all the wonderful patterns available on-line!

  75. I am a newbie at crocheting and feel in love instantly. It has been a passion ever since. I would love to have these different goodies, use them for encouragement and new projects ,looking forward to one of the best days of the year.;)

  76. I love crochet, everyday!

  77. karen boivin says:

    I’ll keep on knitting infant hats for my local hospital. I’ve been doing this for a couple years and still haven’t used up my stash of baby yarn, I think it’s multiplying.

  78. Janet Cobb says:

    I have so many patterns I love but this is my current favorite. I make crocheted chemo hats to donate to my local cancer center in memory of my husband, who passed away 2 years ago from brain cancer. I just love this pattern for the hats!


  79. Linda Beasley says:

    I have been crocheting since I was a teen and I am now 50. I love crocheting things for my family and now my grandbabies. I also crochet items for friends of mine for their babies. I just love working with yarn and I keep busy at it. Trying to crochet gifts for this years Christmas.

  80. P Suzette Orr says:

    I have just started classes to improve my knitting skills – I have been mostly crocheting for the last 30 years. Right now I’m working on a reading shawl for my mom for Christmas, but my basement is full of patterns and projects. Now that I’m retired I intend to keep busy stitching. :)

  81. Amy Tandon says:

    This is my first EVER attempt at crochet! I am in my 2nd week of learning, and I REALLY could use free stuff to kick off my efforts!

    I do not see anything (on iPad) about posting my photo.

  82. Gwen Hernley says:

    Made these for my daughters. The pattern called for paper towel tubes but I made these to fit potato chip cans.

  83. I will celebrate by crocheting some cowls and wip. I have some charity things I am doing. these things I plan in getting done this week. It will be a fun week. I hope all will enjoy their week of knitting and crocheting!!!

  84. Hip Hip Horay! I Love Yarn Day!

  85. Kendra Buchanan says:

    I will celebrate “I love yarn day”, by making Christmas gifts for family! I love crocheting and knitting! I love yarn! I even dream about yarn, lol! Most importantly, I love making things for my family!

  86. Luisa LeMaster says:

    Congratulation on your anniversary. I love to crochet and knit !

  87. I will definitely be celebrating this day!

  88. Andi Saprks-Porter says:

    Finished a lovely wrap last night from some surprising stash yarn! I love Yarn!

  89. Just FYI … I tried to upload the picture of my crocheted hammock last night via my phone but got no message saying it had been uploaded, so I thought maybe it was a slow connection so the process had been stalled, so I tried uploading it again and the same thing happened. So I thought it hadn’t been uploaded and just came here today via my computer … to find that it had been uploaded twice, lol! Whoops! You might want to look into that.

    Anyway … being an avid crocheter, I also love yarn! And because I have a job where I work on the phone, I’m able to crochet while at work, which is more than a little bit awesome. ;)

  90. Robin Ludwig says:

    I’ll be celebrating “I Love Yarn Day” by bringing my knitting with me to visit my MIL in the rehab facility where she is staying. Hope I can start a new project. I’m almost finished with my daughter’s cowl.

  91. I love making lace shawls, sock, chemo hats…just about anything knitted!! Right now my daughter and I are making minion hats for my grandson’s 2nd grade class!!

  92. I Love Yarn Day!!!!
    One of my favorite days of the year!!!

  93. mary kilgore says:

    I am learning how to knit better and I am waiting for this prize to help me.
    I hope that I win.
    Thank you

  94. doris brenneman says:

    my favorite crochet pattern is the 12 pointed star

  95. I love yarn….crocheting for Xmas…this would come in handy

  96. shelly Easton says:

    I don’t know if I have a favorite pattern, but I love making fingerless mitts as gifts!

  97. i love winning…..me, me, me!

  98. I make fingerless wrist warmers

  99. Tammy Terihay says:

    I love to crochet. I’m making Christmas afghans for family and friends this year. Just finished the first one and have 5 more to go!

  100. I am celebrating I Love Yarn Day at my local Yarn shop.

  101. Sherri Jarvis says:

    I love yarn because I love to make and give crochet away. I am all the time getting comments about things that I have crocheted.

  102. How do I upload a picture?

  103. Cheryl M. Peyton says:

    Love Yarn. Crocheting is my therapy!!!

  104. Cynthia L. Davis says:

    I love crocheting and am willing to always teach someone else.

  105. just getting back into knitting and chrochet this would be a wonderful prize to win to keep me at it!

  106. I love knitting! It is a huge stress release for me and I love learning to do new things. I just love working with my hands and creating things for people.

  107. Monica de Moss says:

    It should be I Love Yarn Day everyday! :-)

  108. Myrtle Boyce says:

    Love this site and all of the yarn in your prize.

  109. Jo Ann Wonsey says:

    when you have grands, nieces and nephews, every day should be yarn celebrations, because there are so many fun projects that can be done with the vas array of yarns on the market today

  110. website with handcrafted designs..

  111. Margaret Fraleigh says:

    I love to crochet and this yarn prize would be used to crochet for Heartmade Blessings as well as gifts for family and friends..

  112. I have been crocheting for over 40 years and love it. I enjoy working with both yarn and thread, and lately have been creating my own designs. Since early 2010, I have been selling many of my creations on Etsy. My shop is here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/NutmegCottage Another way of viewing it is this: http://www.nutmegcottage.etsy.com

  113. Micheline Rheaume says:

    I love yarn.

  114. Valerie Workman says:

    It was so hard to choose just one project to share! Knitting and crocheting are my sanity-savers. :0) Sure would LOVE to get all that yarn!

    I really love just about any pattern, but my favorites are vintage. Something about the old way that makes it extra special. :0) My favorite pattern is always the one I’m working on at the moment, but here is one I especially enjoyed. http://www.freevintageknitting.com/sock-pattern/chadwicks250/mens-socks2

    If you love to knit socks, here’s a whole passel of them. http://www.freevintageknitting.com/socks.html

  115. I would love some yarn , I love yarn day and night :)

  116. Dorothy Harp says:

    Love to crochet with all of this.

  117. Lorna Kay Roberts says:

    I’ll be making dishcloths for all my daughters and daughter-in-laws, granddaughters that are married and the granddaughter-in laws. That is after I finish the Christening set I’m working on right now.

  118. Jean Helton says:

    I like crocheting for calming reasons

  119. This would be fantastic to use when crocheting for various charities!! I could do a lot of good!

  120. These bunny slippers (http://www.knotyournanascrochet.com/2012/11/bunny-slippers.html) are my favorite pattern at the moment, as I am expecting a neice in a couple months. There are so many cute things to make for her!

    One of my most time-consuming creations is the Marine afghan I crocheted for my brother: http://www.sweetseamstress.com/flashback-marine-blankets/

  121. Diana Salmon says:

    I definitely LOVE YARN day everyday!!

  122. I definitely LOVE YARN day everyday!!

  123. I Love Yarn Day! Maybe we should make it a week? Or haw about a month!

  124. Judy Murphy says:

    Some many projects to chose from, but I like the prayer shawl the best!

  125. YAY FOR YARN !!

  126. I LOVE knitting AND crocheting scarves. They’re great 1-2 skein projects and I love giving them as a gift — one size fits all!

  127. freda charity says:

    if i won i would say wow thank you

  128. Im going to make my family’s stockings this year. That’s 14 stockings total! But I’m excited!

  129. just cannot wait to get back into my crafts

  130. Jane Morris says:

    I love to crochet and knit hope to one day to make a knitted long coat/duster. I love the all the pretty colors and textures available. could spend days in yarn store just looking and squeezing….lol

  131. Jenny Persunger says:

    I knit mittens scarfs and hats to the homeless
    So they dont have to freeze

  132. I love to knit good, basic hats to donate to my church’s free store.

  133. Ligia Vargas says:

    I live in south florida and never thought I’d crochet/knit again….well I’m crocheting again for a worthy cause. We donate what we crochet/knit to cancer patients of all ages. Here’s a picture of a shawl I crocheted and donated.

  134. Ready set go I love yarn day.

  135. Amy Hansen says:

    I’m ready to celebrate! Next on my list are cast covers for my mother in law who just had for surgery to mend an old break that wasn’t set.

  136. Birgit Schult says:

    I would like to knit a log cabin throw. The yarn looks perfect for it.

  137. I really love the doily #327. I want to use various doilies to make some unique curtains for my kitchen.

  138. I love yarn so much cause I can make this that are multicolored and it’s my special design

  139. I’ve been crocheting for 20+ years, and am currently teaching myself how to knit. I’ve got a project for each going right now – a crocheted Pikachu stuffy for my soon to be 2 year old son, and a knitted pair of wristlets for my my oldest daughter.
    Thank you!

  140. Debi Shipman says:

    Having 8 grandchildren,
    I’d probably knit or crochet more baby/toddler/kids clothes.

  141. Sarah Kerkes says:

    I love yarn, simply to be surrounded by the textures and colors makes my heart skip a beat. I would like to knit a colorful scarf to go with my grey winter coat.

  142. Dawn Woolf says:

    I will be working on hats for a craft fair and Christmas presents! Busy Busy Busy!! Would love to win! Thanks for the chance!!

  143. Darcy White says:

    I would make things for my new baby grandson zayden

  144. I love yarn day!! The local yarn crawl starts on the 11th. :) My favorite patterns right now are fun and different scarves.

  145. Like most knitters & crocheters, I give a lot away as gifts & for my Military Ministry. Just the love of making & all the pretty colors & textures get my creative juices flowing.

  146. LET’S CELEBRATE “I LOVE YARN DAY!” I so love my stashes too!
    Thought I could upload a photo of a sweater just completed but alas …
    better go back and rered instructions!

  147. Christina Steelman says:

    I love to knit.

  148. Melanie Bearden says:

    I always enjoy creating new patterns from stitches I’ve learned over the years and I also love taking vintage patterns and breathing new life into them with the many new colors & yarns available today. It’s also fun to teach others the fine art of crocheting & knitting.

  149. Veronica Mull says:

    I love crocheting, sewing, needle work, embroidery machine, i do want to learn to knit. So, I am ready for I love yarn day.

  150. Carmen Strausbaugh says:

    I LOVE YARN DAY! Knitting is great therapy, along with
    Giving the projects to others in need! No pic able to be
    uploaded. Happy Knitting n crocheting!

  151. Debbie Schrank says:

    I Love Yarn Day is every day for me!

  152. polly benner says:

    Not a day goes by that I am not knitting something especially with two new gr grandkids to knit for!

  153. Ellen Hansen says:

    Every day is “I Love Yarn Day” for me. I’d use the prize package to make more chemo caps for kids. (That’s part of my stash in picture # 410.)

  154. Theresa Aldridge says:

    This would be so nice to win, especially being on a limited income.

  155. Lisa Randazzo says:

    Thanks so much for running such an awesome contest, what a great prize pack!! and for having it open to Canadians.
    I don’t have the link to the pattern I used to make my youngest daughter’s dress I believe it was a Red Heart pattern, but checked the site and it’s not there any more as I crocheted it about 8-9 years ago, so I just uploaded a picture of her in it, although it looks like it cut off her head, lol.

  156. Like so many knitters & crocheters, I give a lot of my work away to my Military Ministry. All the different colors & textures get my creative juices flowing ^_^ Amazing how after 25 years not not doing a stitch, I picked it up again like it was yesterday.

  157. Darleen Aragon says:

    Member of Wicked Stitches Knitting Group Dover DE. Love this site.

  158. Rebecca Schwartz says:

    The possibilities are endless but I’d have to buy more yarn to go with this!

  159. I do not have a website….but I LOVE CROCHETING! So I posted my fb page where i have a photo of my creations on my timeline :) TY for the opportunity to win :)

  160. Chris Merulla says:

    I love Yarn Day!!! Shouldn’t we have yarn week, month, year????

  161. Cindy Hamilton says:

    I would love to win this great prize. I know nothing of links, and all that…. But. I would make Christmas presents.

  162. Jennie McJilton says:

    love to craft with yarn

  163. I am celebrating by having started a ripple stitch afghan.

  164. I will be celebrating I Love Yarn Day by working on many Christmas afghans and pillows! I have been so busy making newborn blankets this year that my Christmas gift list has been put on hold. Babies are a blessing!!

  165. Michelle Smith says:

    I will celebrate I love yarn day prob by finishing a baby blanket.

  166. Michelle Elliott says:

    I give away everything I make either to the resale shop for my humane society ,to my local machine knitters group, hats for troops or to the homeless shelter in town I just love the process of creating practical things out of a skein of yarn

  167. Shari Barnard says:

    I get inspired when I see and feel the yarn. I’m thinking lacy vest.

  168. Jude Mills says:

    is this where You post pictures?

  169. Michelle McCrillis says:

    I’ll celebrate by finishing the current pair of socks I’m working on and then moving forward to the next pair.

  170. Even though I share I Love Yarn Day every day I’m ready to shout out on the official Day! Hmmm…I’m thinking of some cute princess accessories for my darling little niece with this prize package.

  171. My grandmother taught me to crochet when I was 6 so I’ve been crocheting for a very long time since I am now in my 70’s. I’d crochet some hats and scarves for Christmas presents for my grandchildren.

  172. Angela Werner says:

    Duh! I am number 460, but forgot to put my name under the picture. These are a pair of mystery socks I made from Knitter’s Brewing Company. Love her patterns and yarn, had so much fun making these! Even learned a few things.

  173. I love yarn, I knit and crochet.

  174. Baerbel Rogers says:

    I’ll celebrate I Love Yarn Day by working on my patchwork afghan. 3/4 of 1 panel done, only 3 more to go.

  175. I’ve been celebrating yarn day for over 50 yrs now….I started crocheting when i was 5 and I haven’t stopped yet…..Its my passion, I love to create and when I have that finished project in my hand all I can do is smile and say ok Pat whats next….lol

  176. Billy Lanier says:

    I am a 68 year old man who has been crocheting over 40 years. I always have at least 2 projects going at a time. Pictured (no. 471) is a Cleric Stole I made for our Pastor.

  177. Elizabeth says:

    I have been crocheting since 4-H a very long time ago, but I started knitting about 2 months ago and I love it. I have finished 2 1/2 scarfs. I have 3 1/2 to finish before Christmas. It would be great to win some yarn, because I already have people asking for other things.

  178. Billy Lanier says:

    I am a 68 year old man who has been crocheting over 40 years. I always have at least 2 projects going at one time. The picture (no. 471) is a cleric stole I made for my Pastor.

  179. Kristin v says:

    I love to crochet ripple stitches. Working on baby blankets.

  180. Connie King says:

    Love to crochet and would be so grateful to have an opportunity to win these beautiful items for “I Love Yarn Day”. My pic of one of latest projects is 472. lt was a fun project for a friend who was fighting cancer.

  181. Rebecca D. says:

    I don’t have a link? I have photos of my work but I don’t know how to put it up here.
    Maybe you are only giving away to people with a link?

  182. I would love to show my stash, but its huge and I know you want to show other pictures besides just mine.

  183. Liquid Silver Scarf :-)

  184. Cris Hays says:

    I love knitting and giving my hand made items to friends and family.

  185. Right now I am crocheting pumpkin treat holders, then need to make some poinsettia tealight holders for Christmas gifts. My favorite website to get patterns (I am addicted to doilies) is bellacrochet. She has such wonderful designs. I won first place and Best of Show with her hummingbird doily pattern at the fair this summer.

  186. Marilyn Strain says:

    I love all types of yarn and mostly knit sock, scarfs, sweaters, hats, etc., etc. I’d love to win this fantastic assortment of yarn. Thanks for the opportunity.

  187. Brenda Finnegan says:

    Just completed a wedding purse for my niece. Now working on a baby blanket for her older sister’s newborn. I really do need to knit something for myself for a change!

  188. I just finished a lapghan for a Christmas present and an large afghan. Going to work now on two cowls and matching slouch beanies. Love Yarn Day.

  189. I see no way of adding a photo. It says to click “add a link” at the bottom of the screen but I can’t find the button. Can you help out please?

  190. Just starting to knit so I’d like to try knitting an afghan.

  191. I crochet, knit, cross stitch, some ,macrame and am working on a beaded picture. As long as my hands are busy I’m a happy happy woman.

  192. JEANNETTE L BREEN says:


  193. I would make either a bunch of scarves or could make a baby blanket or just make an afghan with it all Just would love to win It’s Yarn do I have to say more :)

  194. Elaine Burke says:

    I wouLd use this yarn for anything that struck my fancy!! Nothing better than nice stash!

  195. Valerie May says:

    Making prayer shawls for church.

  196. Jennifer Hall says:

    I would be making somethings for my twin nieces or nephews.

  197. Veronica Erdmann says:

    Yarn Day rules!!
    Embellished scarves, wristlets, etc!

  198. I had a photo but couldn’t figure out how to attach it here. My website has a free yarn snowflake pattern on it.

  199. if I win this I wIll donate it to my 2 BFF’S who both knIt and crochet. I don’t do very well with yarn so I’d be glad for them to create works of magic with the prize package. Here’s to making 2 friends gloriously happy.

  200. Mary Jane says:

    This is my DD modeling a sweater I made for a her friends sweet 16 birthday, the friend is 20lbs heavier and 4 inches taller than DD, that is why she is swimming int. I love to knit and crochet, too much, I am recovering from knitters elbow for a few more weeks then it is off again. LOL

  201. Corine St. Jean says:

    I’m currently working on a tablecloth made mostly of scrap dishcloth cotton, a bunch of squares sewn together, no pattern. I don’t usually follow patterns like my entry #447, shawl, no pattern, made with #10 crochet thread and 6878 beads.

  202. Teri Miller says:

    I don’t have the needed technology to show any pictures of things I’ve made, but even if I did – the things posted here take my breath away and I’m no where near as good! I taught myself by just trial and error. I’ve looked at a few beginner books and been able to understand some. I love to knit and crochet, crocheting is easier since I lost 60% of the use of my left hand in an accident. Luckily I’m right handed! Good luck to everyone, but I have to say I wish I could win!

  203. Hollyann Phillips says:

    I love yarn! I am making crochet projects for all my family members. I am also crocheting scarfs and afghans to go in to the food bank I run and started to help those in stay warm this season.

  204. Denise Whittecar says:


  205. Connie Hendricks says:

    I so totally wish I knew how to post pictures to the site because I would love to win this, If it helps, I’m on the final row of a Lady Eleanor Entralac Shawl done in Noro Silk Garden & it is beautiful.

  206. I can not say I have a favorite pattern since I am new to the fiber world and have only made 39 projects according to my Ravelry page :) I do love my current wips though. I am knitting the Honey Cowl and Easy Folded Poncho and crocheting the Alfo Monster from freshstitches..

  207. Working on a lovely Icelandic sweater for winter! And some slippers :)

  208. I love to crochet. It is my favorite craft. My mother taught me how to crochet when I was a little girl. I have been working on this crocheted bedspread for several years now. It is almost finished. I, like everyone else, would love to win.

  209. Linda Smallwood says:

    My photo is of the twenty-two ruffle scarves which I donated to a friend for her Lupus fundraiser. I laid them all out on our office chair and it was one full chair! I’ve probably made over a hundred scarves since mid December of 2012 and I have photographs of them all. I’ve also made a few other types of scarves but these are super quick and easy to make and I absolutely love making them! I give them to my friends. It seems that everybody wants to be my friend. I wonder why.

    I’m really enjoying these photographs and comments. Thanks go all who have shared.

  210. Carolyn F says:

    I love crocheting. I am always making something. I love yarn so much that I told my children to give me boxes of yarn for Christmas when they ask what I want. I usually give away most of the things I make. I love making baby clothes and hats. I also like experimenting with afghan patterns. Can’t get any pictures to up load but I LOVE YARN !!!!

  211. Christmas gifts.

  212. Diane Smith says:

    Mmmmmm…..yarn! Yummy yarn………..Mmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!

  213. I love yarn…I love crochet…it is soothing……………and the yarn aisle is my favorite place.

  214. I love yarn!!!

  215. Thank you for this great giveaway :)

  216. Create a book with instructions for these patterns . WOW!

  217. Teresa Fredson says:

    I am going to Celebrate I Love Yarn Day by continuing to work on my Christmas Gifts. I already have four WIP’s I am currently working on. Who know maybe by Oct. 11th I may have most of them done then start on another one or two. I love yarn and Crocheting/Knitting.

  218. Stephanie Haberman says:

    They should make this a National holiday!

  219. Heather Sprude says:

    I try to send little things to my daughter in college to make her day.

  220. Eileen Jones says:

    working with yarn is my therapy!

  221. My favorite pattern is “Farmer’s Daughter”. It is a woman’s pullover. Love to win all this wonderful yarn.


  222. Rajani Satish says:

    I have been crocheting for a while now. Learnt crochet partially from my mom, but now a self learner. This is the first time I am sharing my crochet to the world. I hope you like it.

  223. Tammy Walsh says:

    I made a cream color shrug for a flattering fall wear.

  224. I love yarn any day!

  225. Carol Kuntz says:

    What could I make with the winnings?? Hmm.. new spa set for the bathroom, headband for the winter, gloves for DD..maybe a new sweater for my dog…

  226. Janice Urffer says:

    Making baby hoodie. Would make scarves for gifts and teach someone how to get startedwith knitting

  227. Lona Yackel Walker says:

    I love yarn…a lot! Beautiful yarn and crochet make me happy. Reading patterns, planning a project and finding the perfect match are some of my favorite things to do.

  228. Elizabeth Deepak says:

    I cannot wait to celebrate Yarn DAY! :D I put a hold on crocheting and knitting for three months!! OH THE WITHDRAWALS!!! But I got married in July, moved into my husband’s apartment, went on a trip with the whole family, started a new job, went on another trip and now I just want to settle down on our couch and just crochet and knit to contentment! :D

  229. With two granddaughters and 4 children. They keep me busy making afghans and scarfs!etc. Just can’t have enough yarn in the house.

  230. i am so so hooked! I so LOVE yarn everyday!

  231. Barbara Fiore says:

    I love yarn a lot. You can tell by how much I have hanging around the house. Here are just 2 that I am working on. Sorry I can’t seam to post the pictures .

  232. Gail Ernst says:

    Retirement is awesome = so much time, not enough yarn! Love to knit and crochet anything and everything for friends, family and worthy causes. Creating non-scary costumes and snuggly Amigurumi sleep buddies for the grandkids makes this gramma happy!

  233. Pat McSheffery says:

    Would love an abundance of yarn to make all that can one warm and cozy…. Hats, mittens, sweaters, afghans…..

  234. tara irwin says:

    Everyday should be yarn day!!! I have made many wonderful and playful things these past 42yrs…To win this yarn would help with making many more.

  235. Claudia Robinson says:

    I so enjoy crocheting and creating new treasures. I am a member of “I Crochet for Cancer” and most of my pieces are sent to help brave soldiers, old and young, fight cancer. That is what I would use this prize for, should I will!

  236. Jennifer Pierce says:

    Please enter me into the drawing for Yarn Day! Love it!

  237. Shelley Keating says:
  238. I need to get busy! I have a lot of knitting to do for Christmas. Hats gloves and scarfs mainly

  239. I am all for a day that is here to celebrate what makes a great hobby great! I love YARN! You can never have enough, when you get to the point you can no longer work with it, you should have the next generation already to take it off of your hands… I love it! My daughter in law and I are already teaching our grand daughter the wonders of different kinds of yarns!

  240. Marcia Cutis says:

    I injoy this web sight so much. U never now what u might find thats totally different I have never seen. I allways challeging my self to do more knitten thats what I enjoy most. I am in my comfort zone where every I might be when knitten.. Thank you for haveing this sight.

  241. I love to win your crochet items!
    Lots of love from Holland :)

  242. I love to win your crochet items xxxxxxx Lots of love from Holland

  243. Love to knit for my granddaughters! Knit this dress for my daughter around 1970 and its been worn by 4 girls now. http://www.ravelry.com/projects/tenderpawz/missys-dress#

  244. This site is a wonderful place to go for new ideas

  245. Love Yarn Day. Love to knit and crochet while watching TV.

  246. Marcia Cutis says:

    I love yard day I am knitting Afghan for mother and new baby so they suggle togather. I ejoy knitten so much it completes me.

  247. making tophats and halloween stuff…

  248. Linda Hamilakis says:

    Thank you so much for a great giveaway.

  249. Lawana Ainsworth says:

    I’m celebrating yarn day by finishing my sweater I started a few months ago.

  250. I have a duffle bag exploding with yarn. I love yarn.

  251. Aida Ford says:

    I LOVE *I LOVE Yarn Day*, everyday should be!! I would just LOVE to win this contest!! I would use these to make Christmas gifts for my grandchildren!!! :)

  252. Aida Ford says:

    I am celebrating *I LOVE Yarn Day* by making some Amigurumi dolls for gifts!! :)

  253. Betsy Wishner says:

    I can make just about anything with this yarn, blankets or scarves, shawls, cowls, etc. I love to knit and crotchet. I don’t go anywhere without my needles or hooks.

  254. Sarah Navis says:

    So much yarn, not enough hours in my day….love yarn and what it can do!

  255. HI , I love to Crochet! I am currently looking for Autumn and OWL Patterns ,
    so that I can get ready for The Most Wonderful Seasons of all Fall and Winter!
    I have officially started Crocheting again, after along summer break. Thanks, Dale

  256. doris brenneman says:

    I like making knit socks

  257. I knit or crochet every day so to me every day is yarn day.

  258. Teresa Knittingdancer says:

    I like to knit shawls.

  259. Cheri Manteufel says:

    I especially like cotton yarn……working on throw and accessories for my future mother in law who can only wear cotton.

  260. Love to make this stitch, some call it Catherine Wheel, others call it Bavarian crochet. Love to crochet.

  261. Mich Sang says:

    Lots of projects and lots of yarn!!

  262. Mich Sang says:

    how do i enter?

  263. I love yarn and can hardly wait for I love Yarn Day!

  264. Brandy Finley says:

    I will spend this week working on designs of my own. One Halloween costume, a couple of hats, and a bonnet or 2!

  265. Georgiann Eikenbary says:

    I love yarn and crochet thread! In the fall I love making shrugs to wear to work, and nice big afghans. I love designing crochet patterns, and my large yarn/thread stash sure comes in handy.

  266. Francesca says:

    Yarn day to me is like being in a BIG field of fluffy pillows waiting for me to discover all sorts of Knit & Crochet wonders!

  267. I think my mother’s in denial of how much she loves knitting! She loves your website, yarn day and anything associated with knitting! Even though her hands are very arthritic, she knits and they loosen up. PriscillaHutchins@yahoo.com

  268. Frances C says:

    I love the energy of yarn. The vibrant colors and textures of yarn ignites my artistic juices and inspires me to create projects for family members, friends and numerous charities. I would love to win the red yarn, as I am currently crocheting scarves to support the Red Scarf Project.

  269. Carole Ann Cook says:

    I would certainly use the yarn to get started on Christmas gifts and ornaments.

  270. JIM LYNAM says:

    I LOVE YARN DAY. Hope I Win.

  271. I’m going to the knitting and stitching show on YARN DAY woop woop

  272. I’m going to the Knitting and Stitching show on Yarn Day. Woop woop

  273. I made a chemo hat for my niece who is battling breast cancer!

    And I would use some of this yarn to crochet more chemo hats for our local cancer center. Thanks for the chance to do this!

  274. Gail thomas says:

    I love yarn day!, I’m am avid knitter and crocheter, always need more yarn, never enough yarn.

  275. doris brenneman says:

    love making anything with yarn

  276. Elaine Powell says:

    I make lots of things but have just sent the latest stash to the consignment shop. Don’t have any pictures to post.

  277. victoria gosbee says:

    victoriagosbee@wordpress.com I am going into crochet mode as it gets cooler I do more crafts!

  278. Julie Anderson says:

    I love to crochet stuffed animals. I have made them for all family members and am now donating to the senior center for fundraisers in the community.

  279. Beverly Kamps says:

    I LOVE YARN DAY…every day knitting new born hats for our local hospital.

  280. jody nishida says:

    Got yarn? I want it. Hooray for yarn day.

  281. I do have a shop on etsy and the name of the shop is dareya, which i sell my unique products that are one of a kind, i enjoy thinking of new ideals to created for that right person. I do love yarn day…..thanks

  282. Holly Johnson says:

    I also enjoy both knit and crochet. This hobby helps keep me sane while I am in my last year of college! I love yarn day, and I heart yarn!!

  283. Lea Marian says:

    Would love to earn this…

    my favorite pattern is http://www.redheart.com/free-patterns/flowers-row

    just finished one for my new baby niece.

  284. Ruth Minor says:

    As a young girl, I taught myself to crochet w/pictures. Being left handed was hard to get instructions. Now, I have taught hundreds of people everywhere. The most beautiful, articles have been from my friends from Bulgaria. I have been given many things from there. I love crochet!!

  285. Cheryl Coco says:

    I had no idea how many other yarn addicts there were out there! LOL
    I wish I could get in touch with about 1/2 of you to get the patterns for
    your items they are all awesome. I am a beginner.

  286. This didn’t work the last time, so I’m not sure what I did wrong, but I still love yarn! LOL

  287. I love to crochet, though I sometimes have to knit when I use the new ruffle yarns.
    I learned to crochet and knit when I was a kid (thanks Mom!) and now I teach at a local community center.

  288. Mary Ann Spadafore says:

    I will celebrate I Love Yarn Day by finishing up projects I have started….

  289. I’m celebrating by hoping to finish my Fall Afghan and my son’s Blue and White Granny Square afghan. Thank you for having the give-a-way.

  290. Mary Odom says:

    I love Yarn!

  291. maria kappler says:

    I love to crochet, it keeps my hands and mind busy and for a little while my troubles go away.

  292. This is a great idea! EVERYDAY is I Love Yarn Day!
    I posted my stash from just this past month!

  293. doris brenneman says:

    love making the broomstick afghan

  294. I love crocheting. I’ve been crocheting since I was a teenager and i am 63 years old now. Most of what I make I give as gifts. My favorite projects are agfhans, hats with mittens and neck warmers. I do have a yarn stash (in more than 2 places). Have to make a scrap yarn project one day to use up the scraps and single skeins of certain color yarns.
    I love yarn and am celebrating by making a baby afghan with baby sport yarn by Bernat

  295. Danielle Chester says:

    I wish I’d known about I love Yarn Day sooner…I didn’t find out until yesterday…there’s a yarn spinning contest that I would have loved to enter, but registration was closed Oct. 2nd :(

  296. Carolyn Primmer says:

    I have been knitting for 44 years now and I just love it. It’s my comfort, its how I relieve stress, etc. Right now I have some orders for scarves, mitten and hat sets but I’m also knitting mittens for the homeless in my town.

  297. #701 Fingerless gloves!!

    Will be celebrating I LOVE YARN DAY with my favorite ladies of The Stitch & Bitch of Westchester County during a meet-up at Panera Bread with out hooks & needles in hand!!

    We do a lot of charity projects for our local NICU, homeless shelters & this year donating to Midnight Run.

    Happy ILY day everyone!!

  298. Miriam Olsen says:

    I will continue to make things for my children and grandson’s.

  299. Beverly Kamps says:

    I love yarn day…every day, knitting baby hats for a local hospital.

  300. Thanks so much for the great give away!

  301. Stephanie Deese says:

    I love yarn ANYDAY!!!

  302. Carolyne Coleman says:

    i think its just fantastic that we have ” I Love Yarn Day”. I started knitting 2 years ago & theres not a day that goes by where Im not either knitting my one of many WIP or practicing every new technique I can find from lace & cables to mitered squares in my knitting room.In truth I LOVE YARN DAY every. Right now I’m working on a Pittsburgh Steelers Scarf & a Trio of Cabled Pillows for my mother in love. I so enjoyed looking at all the submitted pictures.

  303. I think my favorite project has been the blankets I made for my 3 kids and a baby blanket make with camoflage yarn and the baby’s sire name. Please don’t ask me about pattern because I have lost it and I think that is why it is one of my favorites

  304. I love to crochet and do some knitting. I like to come up with my own patterns as a special gift to ones I love. This is one of my favorites, since I also love kitties… this was an afghan I made for a grandneice. not sure how I add my photo.. no add your link showing..

  305. Debby Sales Hames says:

    what a fun giveaway and awesome to see such wonderful “hand-mades_

  306. I love crochet and other needle work using yarn

  307. rita detwiler says:

    I love yarn day…I love to crochet and just got more yarn….

  308. Tabitha Rex says:

    I have made the prairie star afghan a few times & I never make something more than once because i get bored. The prairie star feels new with a change of colors. =)

  309. Everyday is “I Love Yarn Day” !!!

  310. I love yarn day! Everyday!! I crochet something everyday! It’s a passion of mine. Then I give the items away.

  311. Linda Miller says:

    I am close to retiring and plan on knitting for enjoyment many years to come. I wanted to post a picture of my yarn and a few projects but do not know how to post it!

  312. Kathy Merry says:

    I love yarn because I love handling it and using it in my knitting, crocheting and weaving. Couldn’t live without it

  313. Maria Halberstadt says:
  314. I love yarn day!!

  315. Amanda Williams says:

    I would love this to redecorate some projects i have going on! :0)

  316. Angela Meldahl says:

    I Love Yarn Everyday! Just learned how to make graph blankets and have 1 finished and just started on my second! I’m so excited to see it coming together! :)

  317. Nancy Petrina says:

    This Fan Afghan is one of my favorites to crochet. It was fun to do because of the various colors of the fans. Also, because there were many pieces to join together it kept my interest, I found it hard to put down my work until I was finished. It recieves many “oooos and aaaahs” when I have visitors.

  318. Nancy Petrina says:

    This Fan Afghan is one of my favorites to do. It was fun to do because of the various colors of the fans. Also, because there were many pieces to join together it kept my interest, I found it hard to put down my work until I was finished. It recieves many “oooos and aaaahs” when I have visitors.

  319. Maria Halberstadt says:

    Love all the yarn project everyone is working on or finished. More yarn means more projects

  320. sharon post says:

    Yay!! I love yarn Day!!

  321. I started celebrating I Love Yarn Day on Oct 10 by making a bracelet, which I shared above :-). I wore my new bracelet, a crocheted vest and crocheted rose to work on I Love Yarn Day, and today I’ve been organizing my craft room and making wristers to match a hat design I made. Happy I Love Yarn Day!

  322. Jo Ann Zavala says:

    I am making a scarf now.

  323. Pauline Cowie says:

    As always i bow to all the other folks and their wonderful pieces of work and I’m happy to say
    that they all inspire me to carry on with my love of crocheting :D

  324. I have a yarn and plastic canvas book cover i’d like to enter. Would that count for the contest?

  325. Kathryn M Smith says:

    My picture is no. 784 which is an afghan that I made for a friend who lives in Oklahoma and it gets really cold where she is, I wanted something that she could literally wrap up in and cuddle and watch television. I shipped it to her last month and she loves it. The beautiful Red Heart yarn washed in my washer on the wool cycle and I dried it on the same cycle. It is fluffy and looks beautiful. She loves it. I use my Red Heart yarn for all my projects, I actually have two dresser drawers of all colors so I can make something I see in a hurry.

  326. I love yarn!!! My photo above is #792. Today I was at a festival, where i sold my silly hats! I ran out of the yellow and purple minions! They loved them! It was pure joy watching those kids run around in my hats! I love yarn!!

  327. Brenda Snyder says:

    love the yarn day it means more yarn fun for me

  328. Ida Granny says:

    Boy do I ever need a craft room. Would love to have the pattern for the afghan Love you to the moon, I saw above. My e-mail is Ida_amstutz@yahoo.com , Thank you .

  329. Paula Girton says:

    I celebrated by buying new yarn for a new project I won’t get to start for a week or so. My favorite project is probably the blanket I made for my Grandma’s 80th Birthday. It was a rose or mauve and cream granny square, single crochet square patchwork type afghan. I’ll post a picture if I can figure out how. It was my first real project and I didn’t follow a pattern other than how to make the granny squares. She loved it… Me? It was ok.

  330. Entered my photo. I think I did it right :-)

    *Crosses fingers* This is an awesome prize, I really would LOVE to win.

  331. I love yarn I love yarn day!!!

  332. Happiest when surrounded by Yarn, just love the feeling of what to make next.

  333. Donna Richards says:

    I just learned how to use a loom for knitting and now I want to try things out. Our church is making purple.hats for babies in support of shaken baby syndrome.

  334. Woo hoo! Yarn Day! Something for my grandson who is due in less than a month, that’s what I’d make.

  335. Darlene Warne says:

    I’m working on crocheted dish rags for Christmas stocking gifts for the girls in my family. I think it is “love yarn day”, every day I can use yarn and thread and sew.

  336. Patty Boyer says:

    I love yarn day, too!!! Fun to celebrate! I’ve just gotten back to crochet, done two dishcloths and am learning tunisian crochet (FUN!!).

  337. would love to have this wonderful stash of yarn.

  338. jackie budde says:

    Love playing with all types of yarn! Love crocheting!

  339. Marvel Snyder says:

    I love yarn and make pet sweaters, toys and scarfs & mittens for those in need.

  340. Shirley Bigalk says:

    I love to make preemie hats to give the local hospital’s OB Ward. It’s great to know that every child gets one when they leave the hospital.

  341. Roberta Foster says:

    good luck to all!

  342. Robin Mongold says:
  343. So who won?

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  345. For my granddaughter



  347. Like so many knitters & crocheters, I give a lot of my work away to my Military Ministry. All the different colors & textures get my creative juices flowing ^_^ Amazing how after 25 years not not doing a stitch, I picked it up again like it was yesterday.

  348. JEANNETTE L BREEN says:


  349. Beverly Kamps says:

    I LOVE YARN DAY…. Every day knitting new born hats for our local hospital.

  350. Tammy Walsh says:

    I’m a yarnaholic! I need help, but need more yarn first…


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