Silver Cushy Garter Stitch Afghan

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This fantastic afghan is knit up with a simple garter stitch pattern and a subtle neutral shade of Bernat Blanket.  These factors alone make this knit afghan pattern an easy, elegant project that’s a cinch to work up while watching TV or snuggling on the couch. The Bernat Blanket yarn is super-soft and cuddly, so anyone who […]

How to Knit: Techniques to Relieve Pain

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Something I hear over and over again while teaching people to knit is that they experience pain either during or after knitting.  I’ll admit that I have struggled with pain at times when I am knitting as well, and recently came across an article published by Liat Gat with  She, too, was struggling with […]

Seriously Sweet Valentine’s Knitting Patterns

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This Valentine’s Day, I have decided that I want to give the special people in my life something truly special.  Something more than just flowers, a box of chocolates or a bottle of wine.  This year, I have decided that everyone will be getting something hand knit by me:  a gift from the heart!  Whether I […]

Squishy, Chunky, and Super Bulky Yarn Knitting Patterns

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Chunky Yarn.  Bulky Yarn.  Super Bulky Yarn. There is a love hate relationship with chunky yarn in the knitting world: Either you love it or you hate it.  Some seasoned knitters will scoff at a super bulky weight yarn saying it doesn’t require much skill, or isn’t fancy enough.  BAH!  Chunky yarn is fabulous for […]

Accidental Genius + 9 Ponytail Free Knit Hat Patterns


Have you ever had a knitting project go completely wrong? This is exactly what happened to Danica Lause when she attempted her first winter hat knitting pattern. The hat didn’t come out as expected; in fact, the finished product had a big hole in the back that she had somehow mistakenly created. After finding the mistake, Danica […]

How to Knit: 14 Tips for Reading Knitting Patterns

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Knitting for beginners can seem intimidating at first, but with the right knitting tutorials, anyone can learn how to knit. However, when you are first getting started with knitting, learning to how to read knitting patterns can seem quite daunting.  If fact, to some the patterns can seem like they are written in a foreign […]

Long Tail Cast On Tutorial

Long Tail Cast On Video Tutorial

If you’re getting ready to start a new knitting project, chances are you are considering what cast-on method to use.  Often times the pattern does not specify what method to use, and there are many methods to choose from.  One of my favorite cast-on methods is the Long Tail Cast On.  This particular method provides […]

12 Lightning Fast Free Knit Hat Patterns

Fun, Fast and Free Knit Hat Patterns

Happy National Hat Day!  To celebrate such a momentous occasion, I’ve collected some of our best and quickest free knit hat patterns for you to cast on right away. Whether you are looking for a chunky ribbed hat, a slouchy casual knit hat or a funky knit beret, there is sure to be something in […]

How to Knit a Blanket: 100 Patterns You’ll Love


There are few things better in life than wrapping yourself in a plush, warm blanket. These cozy heat trappers do more than just keep us warm, however. They add charm and personality to whatever room we’re in. Think about it. How different would your living room look and feel if you had a hot pink […]

How to Knit a Sweater: 138 Patterns for Practice


Knitting your first sweater can be a little nerve racking. You’ve mastered scarves and cowls, hats are pretty easy by now, afghans are a cinch (they just take a bit longer), but now you’re ready for your first major project: a sweater. There are so many things to take into consideration: increases, decreases, blocking…not to […]