Red Bricks Crochet Afghan Pattern

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The amazing textures and unique geometry of this Red Bricks Crochet Afghan are sure to make a strong statement. The stitch pattern is easy to memorize and you’ll love snuggling under this stunning crochet afghan pattern as you work it up.  The fun brick-like texture is made with the front post double crochet, keeping things […]

How To: Crocodile Stitch Tutorial

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Have you mastered learning how to crochet?  It’s time to step up your crochet game.  Add some serious texture to your next crochet project by learning how to crochet the crocodile stitch. The crocodile stitch gets its name from it’s striking resemblance to the scale of a crocodile.  While the results look difficult, I can assure […]

10 Contemporary Crochet Afghan Patterns


I’m always on the hunt for a free crochet afghan pattern that is different that anything else I have seen before. Lately, I have been drawn to designs that lean more to the modern contemporary vibe. From the simple colors to the clean lines, these designs are different enough to keep my attention while I […]

Crochet Pattern of the Day: Grandma’s Favorite Baby Blanket


If you’re looking for a precious baby blanket to crochet for the little one in your life, then look no further. Grandma’s Favorite Baby Blanket is the perfect pattern for any little bundle of joy. Choose any three colors you want to customize the look of this crocheted baby blanket. We look the vintage-inspired look […]

Cranberry Craze: 10 Crantastic Crochet Afghans


It’s cranberry season, people! Whether you like eating cranberries or not, you have to admit that they have quite a fetching hue. It’s just the greatest shade for the holiday season. Not only can you eat many delicious foods made with cranberries, but decorating with this color will definitely bring you holiday cheer. It’s not […]

12 Patchwork Patterns


I’m a big fan of the patchwork seen in quilt patterns. I’m always reminded of the quilt my mother would bring out on occasion, a memento from her grandmother. While I don’t have to sew, that doesn’t mean I can’t piece together a beautiful crochet afghan reminiscent of my great-grandmothers quilt. In my hunt for […]

Bring on the Burgundy!


Autumn ushers in rich variations of red, orange, yellow, and purple. Violets, burnt orange, marigold, and burgundy begin popping along the trees, bushes, and decor. I’m a huge fan of color, but fall colors tend to be my favorite. To me they’re like dark chocolate, rich and delightful. While I tend to lean towards the […]

Colorful Hues to Cure Your Winter Blues


The winter ushers in a sea of white and blue (and brown; all that bare bark and mud-stained snow). Now, I’m a fan of winter. The peacefulness of a fresh coat of snow, the frost creating exquisite mosaics on your windows, the fun activities, the list goes on and on. The only thing that bothers […]

9 Mediterranean Patterns


Happy Halloween, crocheters! I have a brief anecdote that inspired today’s round-up of patterns. I woke up this morning in Chicago excited. Halloween has always been a very fun holiday at my house. We’d dress up our dogs (silly, but always good for a laugh. They’re such good sports), have a little bonfire in the […]

13 Woodland Wonders


Each season has a different aesthetic. There’s the light and feminine for spring, bohemian and nautical for summer, and of course woodland and rustic for fall. While I can appreciate an aspect from each of these aesthetics, I’m particularly fond of fall. I’ve always been partial to combination of the darker tones of fall, especially […]